Who is up for wardrobe maximization? Because am totally down with this. I believe you need to have some ”key pieces” in your closet and make them work for you as often as you can let them. Right now (till further notice) i am all for living off a small budget – and Guuuuurrrrlll you know we ladies got many needs and still have to look stylish, if you know what am saying :0. So i try to maximize my already existing pieces and it’s working for me just fine.

Key pieces are those pieces that you can wear and switch them up as much as you like, styling them differently each time to give you a completely different look. For example the mighty ”LBD” (Little Black Dress) – this is an all time classic, the casual tee, the black skinny jeans and so many more (just got an idea for another post Yaaaaaayy).Make sure not to get something with too much details as a key piece as this will limit you when you want to style it different.

So i focus on having as many keys pieces in my closet as possible and this blue skater skirt happens to be one of those mighty pieces. This skirt has featured in one of my previous posts, you can check it out HERE –  now you can see how much this skirt has worked for me LOL. I styled the same skirt in three different looks.

Crop It Up:


For this look i paired the skirt with a white crop top (guys am obsessed with crop tops – my number one motivation to work for a flatter stomach), a small belt and patent peach sandals from Atmosphere for an extra pop of color.  I wore this a friend’s birthday diner on a Friday evening, where would you wear this outfit to?


For The Love Of Denim:


Everybody loves a good ol’ denim right? Oooh yes i do. Do you think a denim shirt is a must have in your closet? I definitely  think know this. This is one of my many inheritances from my one of my fave people. I wore a three in one necklace from Accessorize which am loving lately (someone needs to hide this from me – i wear this almost everyday), white wedges, and a big brown tote bag to finish the look. I wore this fit on a Saturday to lunch with a friend and drinks after that with the girls. Where would you rock this to?


Pop Of Black:


I think black is such a classic and am sure most of you agree with me on this. I paired the skirt with a black shirt from M&S (i have had this shirt for almost five years and i this is one of my ”Key Pieces”), a chain from my Accessorize collection and  a pair of pointed toe from Atmosphere. I wore this outfit to a job interview that i had last month – told you guys about it the last taking stock series, you can check it out HERE. Where would you go wearing this?


Skirt – Jumia Uganda

PS: This is a recreation post, the pictures were taken on one day.




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Nice I like ❤


Mayabee, i am now certain that this is your calling. You are getting better and better at it. The outfits are on point. I like the way you pulled off the different looks with the skirt. It is very creative.


Awwww….Thank you, Thank You love. Baby steps😆😆

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