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For my extremely exaggerated love for shoes i woke up this morning feeling the need to do a shoe flash back that we all Love to love or hate to love and that’s the “The Pointed Toe” (I guess all my Ladies know what am talking about). Guys am sure you know the power in a high heeled shoe, it takes your outfit from 0 to 100 real quick – it’s the quickest outfit fix any girl needs.

Love it or hate it this fascinating shoe fashion never fades, the history of the pointed toe dates back to the crusades (1090- 1300), 1950’s. Pointed toe shoes in the last 10 years have not changed a whole heck of a lot, though there are arguably way more patterns for these types of shoes as opposed to the 2003 models. These days, pointed toe heels are featuring everything– elaborate, colorful patterns to studs to the heels of stripper heights.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of the pointed toe pump or shunned these types of heels your entire stiletto-wearing life, the fact is pointed toe heel keeps bouncing back. And just like that crazy ex, they have never really gone away.


When i say quickest outfit fix, i mean real quick. You can pair pointed toe heels with skinny jeans and flaunt a casual-yet-fabulous look!

Our mums loved them, we all love and am sure your daughter will love them too. “The Pointed Toe Shoe”

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🙌🙌yaayyy an s/o thanks maya 😜




My love for shoes knows no bounds! Great post.


Thank You!! I got that same feeling about shoes 🙂


On.you.on.this one.hun.though heels 👠 make me uncomfortable

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