How would you best describe your style? Chic? Trendy? Versatile? I would describe my style as unpredictable, versatile but barely trendy, I do love some trends but I don’t let Trends run my wardrobe. I believe not every trend is suitable for everyone – sometimes it’s best to let the trend pass you by … Continue Reading

  Do you ever wake up with all sorts of ideas in your head? Well I woke up one Saturday a few weeks ago with a sock obssession – and I don’t mean socks with my sneakers, that is just too predictable and the normal thing to do right? I mean socks with a pair … Continue Reading

   Did your momma ever tell you not to wear over sized clothes? Well mine did and so did the internet but i never listened. I thought i was a bad-ass until the clothes made me look a few pounds heavier. I contemplated much about this post after the pictures were out but i decided … Continue Reading

   Hello Hello Loves, Hope y’all are doing great and had an amazing weekend. Mine was quite eventful with Eid on Thursday switching on the weekend mode on Wednesday evening. I was looking forward to my first ever Blankets and Wines event which unfortunately i could’t attend but caught all the action on Snap chat. Don’t … Continue Reading