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Can you believe September  is already here Loves. Should that call for a Yaaaay or Naaaayy? August was a confusing month for me, by that I mean I can’t say it was completely amazing neither can I say it was horrific – but am alive and healthy. What more can one ask for?

Ooooohh wait…..let me share with you guys one of my peaks. I got called for a job interview with Smart Telecom which I thought was quite exciting as I needed to see my competitiveness in the market and guess what?….I got the job Yaaaayyy Me 😁😁, I was super proud of myself guys but Unfortunately I didn’t take up the opportunity due to some mishaps but such is LIFE right? A toast to even bigger and better opportunities😃.

Wearing (as I type this):

A very old pair of red shorts and a white polo t-shirt. My definite home chill outfit – shorts, i should be wearing sweat pants after the kind of weather we had earlier today but those make me so hot and uncomfortable, I envy y’all who live in them. (Ooooh worry you not – no pictures of these old shorts will be seen here LOL).


A perfume I wore this morning – I honestly can’t remember what it’s called and am not about to walk away from this couch (am sorry guys) but i remember my mum had one just like it and my dad got one for me over a year ago.


One of my fave people’s voice with a mix of Basaam’s voice from Tyrant (I am was supposed to be re-watching the show, can you imagine?).  Anyway my focus is no where but here, am afraid I won’t remember this conversation boo but I Luuhhh Ya still🙈


To the little voice inside my head, I need to get two posts done tonight.

Eating Just Eaten :

My beef in groundnuts luwombo with pilau and chapati:D (FYI – that is beef and groundnut sauce cooked in banana leaves). This is definitely my go to meal when am not opting for junk, like I usually do. Ooooh and today I will declare my love for chapati – Goodness Gracious, this is one of the many keys to my heart (pick a leaf guys).


Cocoa pops with ice cold milk and strawberry Nesquik. This appetite is for the gods though.


More detox water on a daily basis.


The Lies That Save Us By JL Redington. Firstly, a big hand clap for myself- i haven’t been reading much the past couple of months. This was a perfect book for me, it’s all my favorite criminal investigative shows put together with a very happy ending – I mean who doesn’t love a happy ending?


Power Season 2 Episode 9. OMG Kanan or should I say 50? I have always been  biased from the start – saying he should have kept behind the scenes to the directing and whatever happens there. I honestly think acting wasn’t one of his God given gifts 🙈 like can you stick to rapping mister? LOL Anyway so he shot Shawn in the head – monster!!


A manicure and pedicure like yesterday. For some reason every time I get to the salon am in such a hurry so I just get my hair done and run out.



How big my new water bottle is, it takes close to 1.5 liters of water so I don’t have to do many refills through out the day. I aim for two refills once I start my day and I have already hit my target for the day. Am glad drinking water comes natural to me nowadays (PS: I started this late 2012 and I have never looked back😃).

Looking Forward:

To my grand mum’s memorial this weekend, somebody needs to get out of the city even for a day. May she RIP.


When I should spend spend the weekend by the beach – I got too many hats that need to be rocked at the beach. I love the sunset and sunrise as well, it’s not just the hats😃


On a very important call since yesterday and am getting impatient right about now. Ooooh wait, I think I missed the call (why do I always forget to remove my phone from mute mode?😩).


The egg white, honey and oatmeal mask. Guys this mask is the truth – and I mean the absolute truth, I am trying to use this once a week (at times I get too lazy for my usual weekly routine and trust me am fighting this) . This leaves the skin tight -you gotta protect that face from Dem wrinkles if you know what I mean😉, smooth and moisturized. Try this and am telling you, you won’t be sorry.


That I have put on a few pounds. PS; am not basing this on the weighing scale – I have a phobia for those guys, I never weigh myself like ever. The last time I did was one and a half years ago – am not about to get depressed by those figures so I basically tell my weight change from my arms (these were inherited from my great mamas and that’s what blows up first).


This chilly evening with one of my fave people and a big mug of green tea ☺.Am actually looking forward to more of these evenings – last month was a crazy one (Snap Chat can be my witness) so am planning to switch that up to more calm and productive evenings.


With these all natural DI Y facial and body remedies. I literally use my breakfast ingredients for my scrubs and masks i’e. sugar, eggs, honey, lemon and oatmeal and so far so good – i am actually quite pleased with the results. I haven’t done so many beauty posts but i promise to do at least one this month.


For all the support I get from my family, friends and readers. Most times when I even least expect it – you guys are the #BOMB.


Overwhelmed, nervous and excited all at the same time. September is bringing a few changes to my schedule that’s for sure – update in the next taking stock series.

(Still) Hoping:

To get serious with my fitness – I mentioned this in my first taking stock and can you believe I haven’t gotten to that? Yeah Yeah… very disappointed in myself too. But seeing as it’s a new month – am keeping the promise this time round, baby steps – even once a week will be better than nothing right?


About starting my Masters, it just might be on Monday or the other week – it just might be guys.


My little sister’s focus with school this semester and you better keep it up Amu. Ooooh and am super proud of the good grades #Winning.


More and more in God’s timing. There’s nothing that can bring you more peace than that, sometimes we want certain things at a certain time assuming it’s what’s best for us so we stress and whine if we don’t get it our way. Best believe everything happens for a reason and God’s timing is always the perfect timing.

Wearing (day I finalized the post):

A black skirt paired with a black camisole and a maroon throw on. I clearly didn’t give this outfit a single thought and i see this after the pictures were taken. So what’s going on with my stomach? Now you can see the few pounds i was talking about earlier?

Skirt and Camisole ~ Forever 21

Throw on ~ Thrifted

Shoes ~ Asos




Photography By Kyom
Photography By Kyom

What are your plans for the month? What are you grateful for? Any  random thoughts? Feel free t share. Any exciting things or events you looking forward to? (please do invite Lol)

 Hope You Enjoyed this Series Loves😘 and don’t forget to follow me on Snap Chat itsmayabee11 and Instagram itsmayabee


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Love 😍 the outfit


Thanks chica😘


Always a blast reading your posts… So September is here and someone here(me🙈)has a birthday coming up… Yaaayy#KeepRockingMaya🙌


Thank you so much ivelyne – am glad you enjoy!! Happy Birthday , make sure you get Turnt 😉. (Please Share pictures)


Most def yo 💃


Loving: the signature hair bun style on you😍


Thanks Faye. It’s my favorite as well.


You know how to rock it.. A blessed new month hun


You too my dear. Waiting on your Post😁😁


babe, you know i love everything and you as a person on a personal basis. so go gal. The sky is only the limit for you.


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