Excitement is a total understatement about how I am feeling about Eid. I am hoping that you enjoyed this Ramadan and I am praying that Allah accepts our prayers, fasts and Duas. A few days back someone tweeted that Eid is the Muslim Version of MET GALA and they didn’t lie. So as we get … Continue Reading

Hello there Lovelies, I hope you are all doing great and for my Muslim brothers and sisters have enjoyed the precious month of Ramadan, as I mentioned a few months back, I will be doing my best to incorporate my YouTube to the Blog and keep the content coming. Turbans / Headwraps are one of … Continue Reading

Happy Tuesday People!! I am hoping you had a fantastic Easter Weekend and you are now back on schedule (I honestly can’t wait for the weekend😊). So today we are talking skincare and I am sharing with you guys products that I have been using over time, which have worked for me and I have … Continue Reading

LET’s TALK CULLOTES!! Hello there Lovelies, I hope you are doing amazing and enjoying the new month! CULLOTES are back and just like my mama, I am absolutely loving this 70’s trend that has graciously made its come back in the millennial streets.  Side Note;  I must say my late mother had an amazing sense … Continue Reading