Taking Stock : 16

Hey Loves!! Anybody in the mood for some sort of celebration? As some of you might know May is a special month, we (ItsMayaBee) are making two years in a few days – Yaaay!! If this doesn’t call for a celebration please tell me what does.  Usually this is a time for me to reflect … Continue Reading

Taking Stock : 14

Weeks into the last month of the year but i  gotta squeeze in the last taking stock post  of the great 2016! I must say this year has been quite challenging while filled with blessings at the same time.  So many challenges which made my life such an emotional roller coaster sometimes but i will … Continue Reading

Taking Stock : 11

May Oh May…. Reminds me of myself. May – Maya, but that was quite obvious right?  I have been anxiously waiting for this month because this is when “Itsmayabee”  makes a year – we are making a year guys. I am over the top and i am sure some of you can relate, thank you … Continue Reading

Taking Stock : 09

I never thought I would get tired of public holidays until this February. Wait! Let me rephrase that – I have never run out of things to do on my days off until last month and this being a leap year gives so much light to the situation. With elections drama going on, I am … Continue Reading