IF YOU CAN NOT BE NICE, ATLEAST BE SILENT! I usually tend to over hear (NOT eavesdropšŸ¤£) conversations amongst women and most times I feel like thereā€™s certain things that are better left unsaid,especially to a pregnant woman who in most cases has her emotions allover the place. So hereā€™s a few things you should … Continue Reading

Hello there Lovelies! I am super hyped to be typing this as I have been thinking and planning on doing this for a year now. I donā€™t know about you but motherhood and life ingeneral can tend to be such a drag sometimes and thereā€™s nothing better than finding comfort and inspiration from someone who … Continue Reading

Ā Happy New Month Loves!! Asalam Aleikum to all my Muslim sisters and Ā brothers! My plan was to take a break from the blog till the month of Ramadan ended but looks like I couldnā€™t stay away from you guysšŸ˜‰Ā Hope everybody is doing amazing. Doing: Lots of brainstorming and audio notes are my favorite things to … Continue Reading

With the invisible Octopus hands, mothers truly deserve a break. I have said this before and will say it again, I never knew the true definition of multitasking until I became a mother. Laying in my bed at 00:06 Hrs writing this post with fulfillment after a long day’s work, I begin to reflect and … Continue Reading