May Oh May…. Reminds me of myself. May – Maya, but that was quite obvious right?  I have been anxiously waiting for this month because this is when “Itsmayabee”  makes a year – we are making a year guys. I am over the top and i am sure some of you can relate, thank you for all the love, support, criticisms and everything – you can not imagine how grateful i am loves.

 Sooooo…how was your April? Mine was great and guess what? I got pranked at the beginning of the month, i could not believe i fell for it. I imagined the Fool’s Day hype was so 2001 but looks like i was wrong.This post is long over due, i know. May started of really crazy for me but i am definitely trying to find some balance, so don’t worry the posts will  keep coming.


So BIG. So help me God.


On some water. I make sure water is the first thing i have the moment i woke up and it does wonders to my system. Y’all should try this.

Eating Munching:

On banana crisps, and its just 7am – I am hooked on this stuff.


Pistachio frozen yogurt which I will reward myself with after two weeks of consistent gym and home workouts. I am trying to improve my self-discipline.


To the birds chartering outside my window.


More and more healthy juice. I must say i am absolutely hooked and i recently invested in some juicers which are huge upgrade from the blender LOL -y’all know the energy that comes with blending and sieving right? So the entrepreneur in me saw an opportunity and decided to “GO FOR IT”. I have started a small business “Juice With MayaBee” as i thought i could spread this goodness to all the amazing humans in Kampala. I am currently working on a short menu of juices and smoothies which i will definitely share with you guys so be sure to hit me up for some goodness.


More nude and brown lip colors which I absolutely love. This makes me think about my dark lippies I gave away thinking I would never wear them and now I have to buy more. Moral of this story – be patient with cosmetics, they might just serve the purpose at a later stage.


Conjolted. A poetry book by my lovely brother Ibrahim Balunywa, he’s got some good stuff – check out his page Here if you want to fall in love.

Watching Following:

The Good Wife Season 7.


Patricia Bright’s delivery video. I have watched it over six times and I shade a tear every single time, it is raw and extremely emotional. Check it out Here.

Can’t Believe:

This is the last season of the Good Wife, I am definitely going to miss it. I need to find a replacement – maybe Game of Thrones? Yes, I am one of the very few people that has never watched an episode of the very famous Game of Thrones.


The chilly weather this morning but i hope the sun is out at midday.


That not everybody will agree with you and what you do but if that’s what you want, then you gotta keep doing you.


To just “GO FOR IT”. Everything i want and not let anything get in my way. I honestly feel like i have been holding back for so many reasons but mainly i believe in God’s timing and i feel like This Is It.


Every single step of building my brand.


My new hair do. A girl needed a short break from the daily styling.


That i don’t snap as much anymore, i wonder how the day goes by. But today i will definitely be killing your snap so be sure to catch up (itsmayabee11).


About a project I am working on .


A manicure and pedicure like yesterday.


To bed exhausted but with a smile on my face. Alhamdulilah.


For Queen Bey’s next move after Lemonade.


About what to wear today. Was thinking one of the pieces from my project- a girl’s gotta market herself right?


I would work with a female photographer, any suggestions? I have tried to ask around but i have not succeeded. Not that i don’t love my current photographer, i do but i feel like i should support some ladies out there.


That this second year of “ItsMayaBee” is better than the one before.


Why my face is breaking out so much lately. I used to fuss about that one pimple on my face and now I have to look at over 10 of them on my right cheek. The notion “you never know what you have until it’s gone” is fitting just right with this.


About my current obsession with loyalty cards from my favorite convenience stores (Nakumatt and Jazz Supermarket) which gives me the old lady feel. I wonder if it’s just part of me growing up or it’s just my love for a good discount.

Looking forward:

To the Kampala Restaurant Week Media launch this afternoon. Y’all know i love me some good food.

Can’t wait:

To show you guys some of the pieces i am working on for my own ready to wear clothing line for the ladies “Customized By MayaBee – Simplicity meets Detail”. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks since we started the work and i know it’s yet to get worse but the feeling is worth it. I really hope you guys like the pieces and support your girl :).

Always Grateful:

For you. Thank you for stopping by and for all the support.


Be sure to add me on Instagram @itsmayabee and Snap chat  itsmayabee11.

To an amazing May

Stay Fab



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Love love Love proud of you dear 😍


Thank you😬😬😬


Congratulations on your anniversary dear!! Keep dreaming , dreams do come true love.


Yes they do -Thank you mama😘😘

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