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It’s November!!! This is my favorite month of the year and for obvious reasons as some of you might know. Need i mention? Yes? No? It’s my birthday month – quite cliche but Whatever (y’all gonna have to let things slide this month LOL). So i am super excited for this month – i hope it goes better than i imagine.

So, how was your October? Mine was not bad except for the drastic rains we have been having in Kampala the past few months, making it pretty hard to throw that blanket away and get to work or school. I know i have complained about the heat and was wishing for the rain – such an ungrateful being, but am sure this happens to all of us.


Summaries of my notes in preparation for my next exam this weekend. And before you laugh – remember what went down in high school. This is an idea i got from one of my siblings doing her undergrad, and its actually working just fine for me.

Eating Munching:

Sneakers chocolate thanks to my dad. He always gifts us with chocolate whenever he travels – i used to think this was done before because we were kids but Oh well, let me munch away. I hope this norm continues even when we get married. LOL And i still want them Abs.


Obsession perfume by Calvin Klein. Another gift from daddy’s travels. This wasn’t love at first splash though i think it’s such a classic, maybe it needs some getting used to. I would gift it to ”You” but they don’t gift gifts right? Or am just looking for an excuse to just keep it (Hi, my name is Maya and i am a perfume hoarder).


A purple lipsick from Kayaya. You guys must have noticed am a red lip girl, but am loving this one.


Nothing but Economics of International trade and Global trade markets for the next few days as i prepare for my exams over the weekend.


An episode of the Wendy William’s show. This woman cracks me up for days. I think i needed to treat myself to 20 minutes of this after the type of week i had.

Can’t Wait:

To catch  up on cookie next Monday and Tuesday after my exams. You can not believe the how eager i am.


My new car – and am calling her Elsa. She makes me feel like am growing up too fast though.


To cut down my expenses on food. Some of you know i love me some good food but i am eating out too much and this is cramping my shoes. LOL.


My box braids. A girl can now take a break from all the combing, this gives me such relief.


How much i enjoy my Me time. I have fave coffee shop hide outs – this is something i never happen thought would happen to me in a thousand years – Maya in a restaurant alone and enjoying it. Well, looks like someone is growing up real quick.


Life. And it’s November – i feel like this should have been the month of love.


About Kampala Fashion Week (or should i say day? we shall surely get to the week soon). I was chosen by EMET Media as one of the fashion bloggers to cover the event – and i guess y’all know what that means. Free Press Pass! Any chance to save a dime gets me all excited, but in this case i won’t be saving as i need to find an outfit. Still exciting though.


For another year that i will be making in a few days, Insha Allah. May i get wiser and accomplish even more than the past year.


That being offensive is the way to go – never get defensive.


To avoid fries for the next two weeks, so help me God.


About what to do for my birthday. This whole year i have tried to convince myself that i don’t want to do anything but girl – i was just playing about. Will definitely share pictures with you guys. I accept gifts from everyone. 11.11 guys.


Where my recent love for nail polish emerged from. I recently went all out during  a clearance at Twaake which is unfortunately closing.This is something i have never cared for, actually let me tell you a secret about me but never to be heard of again – that should be a promise). I have the ugliest nails ever, and i mean ever.


At a comment from someone on Facebook and am like “Look where we are now”.


The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards voting has officially begun, please don’t forget to vote me for Best Fashion Blogger Of the year. Follow the steps below;

1. Visit the official site www.abryanzstyleandfashionawards.com
2. When on the home page, click onto the vote icon, and this will take you directly to the nominee list, that has all the categories. Each nominee has an images attached to their name, to make it easy for you to vote.
3. Click on the icon for the category that you want to vote into.
4. There after, the page will display the different nominees in the specific category of your choice.
5. Click on the nominee of your choice, to vote for them.
6. After clicking, a polling table will appear above the nominee images, and you can proceed to cast your vote. Voting can be done using your facebook, twitter, or instagram accounts.

Hope you enjoyed this series loves and don’t forget to add me on Snap Chat itsmayabee11 and Instagram itsmayabee.


To an amazing November.



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Woooow,this is great.


Thanks Cate😀


😃😃sometimes i wish you could blog everyday….makes my days


Awwww…Ivelyne, thank you so much. Am glad I make your days 😁😁😁 Will try post more often despite this crazy life. Lol


Hahaaa crazy life lol


Love 😍 it and u.rocked the.purple lipstick 💄 kayaya I.also want 😁


Thank you Fatuma 😀 I Will pass on that want


woooooooooow am loving everything especially the makeup plus the blouse


Thank you😀😀😀

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