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Hello Hello Loves,

October Already? My birthday month is knocking on the door, for those who know me know how i feel about my birthdays – ecstatic! Am indeed a Scorpio. So am here wondering if i should be excited about getting older? But that’s a story for another day, so how did your September go?

Well mine came with a number of changes in my schedule as i had mentioned in the last Taking stock post. I started my masters last month and have been out of the system for a bit made me anxious in the start but am coping pretty well – and i haven’t missed any lectures so far. Super proud of Maya. Another big step for me……wait for it….wait for it…….I got a job guys  – one that i finally accepted. If you read Taking Stock 03 then you know what i mean by finally accepted it. So September wasn’t such a bad month for me. And before i forget that was one month of receiving – just the thought of my gifts automatically gives me that ear to ear kinda  smile. But again who doesn’t love gifts?


My weekly do to list. These make life much easier for me. I write down everything – literally.


Beef samosas with a cup of African tea. PS; I am not a tea person at all- somebody pass me a shake already. Oooh and can you believe a samosa has about 320 calories? I need to break this love and hate relationship with these if i still dream about having ‘dem Abs ones day. Anybody with the same dream? How is that working for you?


Fresh paint – not such a good scent for my Monday morning but Oh well.


An Enemy called average by John L. Mason and am loving this book guys. Got it early last week from my dad, and when i say ”Daddy knows best” he actually does. Am telling you this is definitely a book am keeping for life – gotta refresh my life choices. Before i forget, the book has got a warning that reads ” Truths in this book can be hazardous to areas pf mediocrity in your life”. But no body here is calling for mediocrity right? Faye, am sure you will love this one.


Nothing. I also can’t believe it, last few weeks have been crazy but am patiently waiting for the full season of Empire – anything for cookie right?


My new collection of body cocoa butter scrub, mask and body butter from Body Shop. As i mentioned earlier, September was a month of receiving for me – this was gifted to me by a friend who knows my love for scents too well.


On what to have for lunch today and it’s just 11.34 am. This appetite needs to be tamed.



Jackie Aina’s snap chat. This girl is the bomb diggity am telling you – she gives me that morning dose of laughter. Should i even talk about her makeup, Naaah i don’t think so but those are some real #Goals my friends. Add her jackieaina and check out her YouTube channel.


That if you getting too much irrelevant bad criticism then you doing something right. Just keep going.


The peace and quiet at the office in the mornings when am all by myself.


About my birthday next month. 11/11 don’t say i didn’t tell you.


For life. And all my achievements however small they are.


To get two assignments done before this four day weekend – people in K-Town know the trouble that comes with such weekends.


About making a Ghee / Shea Butter / Almond Oil and castor oil treatment for my hair this evening when i get home. This DIY treatment has worked wonders for my sister’s hair so am hoping it does the same for me. My hair is in the ”Red Zone”, i really miss my black healthy hair.


At a text from Kyom. Can you please leave that nose already. LOL


This Taking Stock hasn’t been as lengthy as usual and you will have to excuse me for that – am swamped with work and assignments deadlines which i need to get back to.

Hope you enjoyed this series loves and don’t forget to add me on Snap Chat itsmayabee11 and Instagram itsmayabee.

To an amazing October.



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Wishing: I could see a full lengthy picture of this lovely look and get my grip on a soft copy of that book.. I truly need some inspiration in my life now..


Hehehe….Faye full look will be up soon. Ooooh yes you should find a copy, you will be hitting two birds with one stone – so much bible references and I know how you are hooked to your bible😀

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