Weeks into the last month of the year but i  gotta squeeze in the last taking stock post  of the great 2016! I must say this year has been quite challenging while filled with blessings at the same time.  So many challenges which made my life such an emotional roller coaster sometimes but i will be damned if i don’t recognize all the blessings – Am going to be a Mother (still can’t believe it myself), ItsMayaBee made a year, i got to open my store which still  needs lots of work but  i will get there, to sum it all up – I couldn’t be more happier. I hope y’all lovelies are doing great and had an eventful November like i did. Christmas is just a few days away – sad it’s on Sunday so no extra day off for you folks (everyday is the weekend for me as i wait for my Lil Boss man), so what do y’all have planned for Christmas? I am sure i will be on the couch catching up with a year’s worth of TV.


In  bed writing this post as it needs to be up tonight.


Boyz II Men – such relaxing music for a beautiful morning.


Nothing. Thanks to  the heater and AC in this house, my nose has been stuffed for the last week.


Lots of Chicken. I have never had so much chicken in my life like i have in the past 3 weeks. Only I know the struggle  of weight loss that lies ahead of me.


On some water. First thing i have every morning and this does wonders to your system people – try this, get accustomed to it and Thank me later..


Chapatti, rice and beans with avocado on the side. For those that know me well know i love me some beans and chapati.


Only T-shirts and leggings lately. I consider Tees wardrobe staples and these have come in handy the last couple of months, and paired with leggings – this combo been my ultimate comfy clothes. What was your go to outfit while pregnant?


Moms on Babies by Rachel Foster and Carrie Longton, how cliche? I know, i am  trying to get a glimpse of motherhood,however i believe its different for everyone and its such an intuitive job.


So much TV lately, but i am hooked to Designated Survivor. LOVE LOVE this one.

Can’t Believe:

How expensive babies are – Wow! I didn’t know these little things would cost so much, looks like mama’s gotta UP her hassle game.


My best to run my business while i am miles away and i must admit its such a task but only persistence can see me through right?


Frustrated that i will not be blogging as often i would love and wont capture beautiful Atlanta for you guys. Guess who didn’t carry their camera – which blogger forgets to carry their camera while travelling? Me😓, i will blame that on the infamous “pregnancy brain” LOL.


In this world, every man for him / herself and you have to fight for your owm interests because no one will do it better than YOU.


My mama so much – just to lay on her chest and tell her how my day has been would be heaven for me. May her beautiful Rest In Peace – InShaAllah.


That i am ready to spread my wings on my own and this is such a blessing. 2016 has been a year of emotional growth for me and at first i didn’t look at it that way but i realized my thinking was getting in the way of me reaping the most out of all the seemingly difficult situations i had to go through. Once i changed my thinking, i realized it was all a blessing in disguise.  One of the few things you have under control is your way of thinking, think positive, own and find good in any situation.

Looking Forward:

To my dates delivery from my little sister. Another craving on my mind plus i heard it helps with labor so why not indulge.

Still Amazed:

By the looks from ASFA Awards last Friday – i must commend people for going all out. My favorite look from the night  was Lucy’s with the red suit number coupled with a neat ponytail – she couldn’t have done it better. Desire and daughter came in second on my list with perfectly tailored gowns.


The kicks and movements from my lil Boss man. Although some of these movements get me having false bathroom emergencies, i am still amused by every single movement.


How hard it is to run a business when you are miles away but i must give credit to my team for holding things together while i am away.


About PapaG’s reaction for the small surprise in place for him on Friday. If you read this before Friday, Too bad for me but am sure i will still get you smiling.


An eyebrow fix like yesterday but still thinking about dropping 30 dollars for  a simple tweeze and the entrepreneur in me is still hesitant

Thinking About:

Resuming my YouTube Videos as soon as possible starting with documentation of my pregnancy through pictures as i haven’t done any videos. Maybe i should record these last few months so please be sure to subscribe HERE.


You a very merry Christmas and a blissful new year, may you be the best version of you and kick ass in 2017.


To be the best version of Me as a mother. I can’t help but wonder how this motherhood journey is going to be and i must admit it scares me more times


What to pack for the hospital and what to leave behind. With so many pins saved on Pinterest, i am a tad confused so one of you could come to my rescue. What did you have in your hospital bag? For you and the baby.

Can’t Wait:

For my little Boss man to come and keep me company. I think i am ready to have him in my arms now instead of inside my stomach.


For all the milestones i have hit this year – big or small, i couldn’t be happier. Thank you guys for always sparing a minute to check out the blog – i appreciate!


Be sure to add me on Instagram @itsmayabee and Snap Chat @itsmayabee11 to see what i am up to.

To a blissful 2017!

Stay Fab



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