We are in the Second Quarter of the year already, how is your year progressing so far? How are you keeping up with all those goals you set at the beginning of the year? Personally I am not anywhere near that bikini tummy but it’s not too late – even for you, so let’s get onto those goals and kick ass😊

Smelling: Coconut oil and lemon.

Munching: On a yummy mango as I wait for lunch which is in a few minutes. We are having kikomando (chapatti and beans) which is one of my fave dishes.

Sipping: On some ginger tea all day today.

Reading: A couple of journals on internationalization of firms in Africa as this is what my thesis is focusing on. #GradSchoolProblems

Watching Following: Homeland. Is it just me that thought this show had ended? However I am enjoying every single episode .

Bookmarking: Lots of articles and videos on photography. One of my goals this year is to be able to take my own pictures, not just selfies LOL.

Knowing: That I need to get ahead with my Thesis if I want to graduate on time (January).

Feeling: Quite optimistic about the future. Cheers to prosperity.

Liking: How productive my Monday was, such a fantastic way to start my week.

Missing: My hair out in a high bun but dreading the process of taking out the braids. I am going to try the apple cider vinegar and olive oil DIY detangling mix and see if it will help my kaweke and sensitive scalp situation. #KawekeGang

Loving: Tassel and fringe earrings which are such a trend lately, are you digging this trend? If yes, then can shop some from the gallery HERE.

Needing: To make a trip to the MAC store soon because I am out of Everything but I am still saving and mentally preparing for the bill. LOL

Enjoying: The chilly weather as it lasts because I am such a coat / jacket chic. However its sad that my Sonshine and I couldn’t survive the cold.

Dreaming: Of writing a monthly or weekly fashion and lifestyle column in a renown magazine or newspaper. Our Dreams are valid guys.

Still Giggling: At the discussion we had during the Another Round Ug Show and funny the interactions on twitter. I always found Twitter threads and discussions hilarious but this time I was part of the conversation. Be sure to add me @itsmaya_bee. Btw I managed to get some behind the scenes footage which will be in my weekly Vlog on Friday.

Wondering: If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel? If not, be sure to do so HERE. Thank you😊

Battling: A never ending war with my skin (Face) and accepting the fact that this wasn’t just my skin acting out for a week. It’s been months of terrible skin and I am officially ready to fight for good skin. Can’t a girl just have some damn good skin?

Thinking: About how much I enjoy sharing my crappy millennial motherhood experiences with you guys. I am calling it crappy because I am just struggling to master this whole motherhood thing.

Thanking: God that my Sonshine is feeling much better this week. I must say last week was quite tough for me,looking at him ill and in so much pain made me wonder if I will ever figure this motherhood thing out.

Hoping: That my Sonshine’s appetite improves with time. Any mommas’ experienced low appetite issues with their little ones, how did you go about it? Please help a desperate mom.

Reflecting: On one of Ms Brenny’s YouTube video “Why Influencers are broke! The Truth. She is preaching the gospel for Influencers so if you are a Blogger / Youtubber / Influencer or know anyone who is please ask them to watch this video. However there’s a few responses coming up from other YouTubbers,this might just get interesting.

Speaking: Positive and Great things into existence as I believe in the power of the tongue, it’s going to be a DOPE YEAR.

Humbled: To have been a guest on Another Round Ug on NBS Television, it was an amazing experience and I hoping to be on your tv screens more often😜

Glad: That I beat the temptation of going out for a glass of wine this evening and instead went for an aerobics class. I am super proud of myself guys and I am hoping I can keep up this time.

Ecstatic: About an idea that I am hoping to bring to life. I am ready to stretch my creative mind.

Grateful: For Life and You! Thank you for taking time to read and support me, you are the BombDiggity!

Tote Bag – Bata

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Stay Fab



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Keep going girl.. your work ethic is super impressive.🙌🏽


Awwww❤️❤️ Thank you so much Sharon😊

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