Do you believe in love at first sight? For me this is such a tricky question as I solely believe in Love at first sight with the exception of human beings and animals😊. So let’s just say “Material Love at first Sight” is a such thing for me. And this right here was Love at first sight. 

If you have been following the blog for sometime now, you know that I love me some good ‘ole denim and I’ve written a couple of Denim related posts with all the tips and tricks you will need to slay your Denim looks. Please check out;

As a fashion entrepreneur, i sometimes get beat up when I am choosing pieces for my clients and myself – you know that one piece that you just have to have and would love to see someone else slay the same piece? Yup! This Denim bad boy is one of those pieces I just had to have. Paired with these white vintage blocked heels, I was able to achieve the perfect modern vintage look I was going for. What’s your take on these shoes? They give me a Janelle Monae feel which I absolutely love.

If you want a piece that never goes out of style, Denim it and you will have it forever. 


Denim Dress / Jacket – Maya’s Gallery / SHOP

Shoes – Thrifted

Chain – Maya’s Gallery / SHOP

I think it’s safe to call me the Denim Baddie Today😜 Thanks for stopping by and be sure to add me on Instagram @itsmayabee, Twitter @itsmaya_bee and Snap Chat @itsmayabee11

Stay Fab



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