Feels like this year has been on skip mode however HELLO OCTOBER!

On a delicious cappuccino flavored pound cake with some plain yogurt. I know, I really shouldn’t be having this – especially the cake because I dream of having Abs someday.

To Ehan’s loud giggles, screams and squeaks as his playing with his dad. So cute. And guess who’s getting clingy on daddy? He’s supposed to me mummy’s boy 🙁

Coke Studio. There’s so much power in passion, It’s quite fascinating seeing all these people from different countries and cultures get lost in music. Who else switches on the TV and then gets onto their phone or computer? So damn guilty of this!

A minimum of 3 liters of water a day. Am back with my hydrating mojo, Yay! I am trying not to drink my calories.

Queen of the South and I must say I am digging this. I barely have time to catch up with all my shows, explains why I have been following this for the last one month LOL. Conviction is next in queue.

A number of articles on how to mentally and physically prepare for my health and fitness journey. If I should be honest with you guys, I am not content with my weight and body at the moment because I know for sure I haven’t put effort into the health and fitness sector of my life and I could be doing and looking way better than I do at the moment. I have had ENOUGH and it’s time to get off my lazy butt and do something about this.

To get back to that Gym / Fitness life like yesterday. I probably need a fitness partner, I could use me some extra motivation. I have a goal that I need to hit in a month – will let you guys know if I achieve it or not.


I would find a magic product to at least lighten (not completely get erase) my stretch marks. I am back on Bio oil but I must admit, all hope is gone guys. Any recommendations?

That my grocery shopping needs to be more extensive, I usually Shop in small quantities which turns out to be more costly and also enables my terrible eating habits as I usually run out of food and when hunger strikes while I have no healthy snacks lying around I end up eating out *read that as junk ONLY*.

Extremely exhausted and can’t wait to jump into my bed once I am done with this post. Taking care of an infant and “trying” to live your life is no joke, some of y’all make it look so effortless.

To create some extra space in this house (Still got no clue). I clearly underestimated the amount of staff an infant would have and the amount of space Ehan needed.

My Jouer liquid lipsticks. Looks like I finally found my “IT” red lipstick – again. If you knew me a year or two ago, you must have known I loved me a red lip and Ruby Woo by MAC was my favorite until it wasn’t anymore and now Jouer is doing me so much justice.

If you checked out my latest Vlog on my YT channel? If you haven’t, please watch it HERE and Subscribe HERE. Thank you.

  Hoping :

Ehan’s first word is “Momma”. Yes, I am that type of Mom and I honestly can’t wait for that moment.

Of resuming my lemon and lime detox at least thrice a week. Had put these on hold as I heard lemon, lime and ginger have a negative effect on one’s breastmilk supply.

Of what’s yet to happen to our beautiful peaceful country Uganda. Did you guys happen to watch the disgrace that was in parliament last week? Simply disgusting. I am no politician but this is unacceptable.

My Bata pointed toe heels, super comfortable and durable (Ps: I won’t be buying another pair anytime soon). Oooh and I don’t remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes in Uganda and I got the shoe box – Hi, I am Maya and I am a Shoe Box Addict.

Every time I look at Ehan’s little teeth. PS: We are almost counting four teeth, and maybe walking soon – I am over the moon guys. Oooh

For you guys and all Life’s favors.

Time Check 00: 02 Hrs The other two members of this household are dead asleep and I am fighting the craving demon that wants me to munch on a sneakers bar of chocolate but I will win this battle.

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