Plaid clothing always takes me back to my Primary school days. I honestly feel lik e these have been around for a while now (dating way back to my GreenHill Academy uniform and days when my favorite uncle seemed to only had plaid shirts in his closet – he still does). I must admit Plaid is not my Cuppa Tea, however I have a few plaid favorites – like this little off shoulder number. Paired with a gray pencil skirt (a wardrobe staple according to your color preferences), black pointed toe heels (another staple), this flirty black and white top gives you a “safe”sexy look. And this is how you show up for a meeting on a Tuesday morning, feeling like a grown up school girl.

Tips on how to wear Plaid Clothing:

  • Avoid wearing ill fitting Plaid clothing as this is going to automatically give you an illusion of a few extra pounds. Nobody wants to look bigger than they actually are right? At least I know I don’t.
  • Keep the Plaid pattern on the smaller parts of your body. For example if you have a big bust and smaller hips, preferably keep the plaid pattern on the hips or choose a well fitted plaid top / shirt (not like the one I am wearing in the pictures above).
    Are plaid patterns a favorite of yours? How do you like to wear them?

Are plaid patterns a favorite of yours? How do you like to wear them?

Top – Forever21 (so many years ago)

Skirt – Forever21

Shoes – Bata

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