Photography By Fred Bugemebe

Seen this jumpsuit many times? I know. But don’t get tired of it just yet. Am sure y’all got some wardrobe staples that just work for you each time – this is one of my key pieces. This jumpsuit was a splurge for me (Naaaahhh not from my wallet, remember I told you the story about this in a previous post). Am telling you it was worth every penny – thanks to my uncle.

So do you ever have one of those long errand days which will definitely end up with drinks with the girls or date night with the Mister at one of your favorite night spots? And unfortunately you will not have the time for a full outfit change before the night out.  In this situation the long day will need you to wear flats as you need to run them errands but still need to look chic and the evening needs those pop up heels and accessories screaming ‘’Yo! I am in the building’’. What type of outfit do you think you will need? A neutral fit that you can transform from day to night. This jumpsuit is the one for me.


I have this jumpsuit worn during the day and shared with you guys, please check out the post HERE. So this is what my quick switch up for the night looks like. I decided to change the jewelry from the small studs, sunnies, a big brown tote bag and flat shoes (as seen in the previous post) to statement earrings, a small purse and golden heel sandals screaming ‘’Yo! MayaBee in the building’’ LOL. I am such a sucker for accessories, I believe they have the power to change an outfit from 0 to 100 – real quick. On that note, please check out AccessorizeIt Kla on Instagram for all you accessories lovers.





Jumpsuit – Bloomingdales

Purse – Thrifted

Shoes – DSW – Can’t remember the exact label right now

Earrings – AccessorizeIt KLA

Watch – Anne Klein

Ooops, i just realized i don’t have a picture of me standing LOL. Anyway so what are your wardrobe staples that you can transform from day to night real quick? And how would you do that?

Now back to studying. Wish me luck, got an exam in two days. And don’t forget to add me on Instagram itsmayabee and Snap Chat itsmayabee11.



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Love 😍 the jumpsuit pics are lovely


Thank you😃 Am glad you like them.


nyc jumpsuit i love it


Thank you Martha 😃

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