One of my favorite things lately is peplum anything. Give me a peplum dress, top or skirt and you will earn my widest grin of the day. Are you in the need to conceal your postpartum flabby stomach like myself? (Don’t get it twisted I am still about that “Snap Back” life though it’s taking too damn long so a girl’s got to improvise while right?) Look no further than Peplum clothing – these are giving me all sorts of life lately. Peplum gives you a slight illusion of a smaller waist and relieves you of the annoying need to suck in your stomach like your life depends on it (you know that thing you do when wearing that body con dress / top right? That! You won’t have to worry about that).

And what’s even better than Peplum? Monochrome! One of the simplest ways to look super chic is to wear one or similar colors of clothing for example an all black or all grey outfit, and this double maroon (I am terrible with colors so feel free to correct your girl😉) is exactly what I needed for me to ooze classy chic. Need I mention my love for mini purses again? I don’t think so but this black purse, big black &gold earrings and gold shoes were perfect to give me a look that transitioned from an evening out with the girls straight to the dance floor. Another no Hassle outfit.

Are you a fan of peplum? Do you have any other clothing you wear to conceal that stubborn tummy? Please feel free to share.

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