Again…..Happy New Year Lovelies! Feels like 6 months since I was last here. Hope y’all are surviving these 40 something days of December LOL. Today, lets talk body insecurities. What’s that one part of your body that you look at and feel like if it were different you would look more BOMB than you already do? PS: I will not be talking about my stretch marks that are about crawl up my neck today. That’s gist for another day.

For me, my huge ass arms give me chills sometimes if not most of the time and I got these from my mommas (Hey Momma😘). Call it the “Fat Arm Syndrome”. I can not even begin to tell you guys how many times I look at myself, pinch and pull the extra flab and just wish ‘dem arms were smaller or just matched the rest of my body. One might think I am 20 pounds heavier than I actually am with these flabby arms (okay, I just went a little extra with the 20 pounds LOL) I know we are supposed to love ourselves just the way we are and don’t get it twisted, I try a hell lot to accept my “healthy looking” arms (as my mommas call them) but I need to admit sometimes I get so damn insecure about them so I am always on a hunt for pieces that make me feel comfortable especially when I am a few pounds heavier (like the time when I had just had my Sonshine). And I have found off shoulder pieces to do the trick for me. I am obsessed and my collection is getting bigger by the day. With your neck exposed, this balances out the arms especially with the short sleeved off shoulder pieces and this specific type of off shoulder leaves me no worry and is perfect for my nursing sessions (if you know what I mean). Anybody else with this “Fat Arm Syndrome” like myself? How are you digging it?

What’s that part of your body you sometimes wish was just a little different? How have dealt with that insecurity?

Top – Tailored

Skirt – Top Shop

Bag – Maya’s Gallery


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