Dark blues scream safe and sometimes (if not most of the time) I love safe – dark colors and neutrals are Maya’s definition of safe – easy to wear and style. Having an infant that needs me all round the clock barely leaves me with time to think hard about what to wear although I love to look half descent to walk out of the house and get about with my day. With that in mind, anything easy to style is my go to everyday – this outfit being a fit example.

Dark blue leggings, camisole (perfect for when I need to breastfeed- anything to make the “boob pull out” easy right? Am sure some of you guys can relate LOL) and an oversized dark blue denim jacket- edgy chic yet extremely easy to put together. If you have been following the blog for a while now, you know my love for camisoles – these fall under my wardrobe must haves, collect them in every color if you must because they are worth every penny. I am absolutely obsessed with this oversized denim jacket and I have been wearing it so much lately (don’t you worry if you bump into me tomorrow and Thursday wearing it Lol). I preferred the plain blue or as I call it “the classic” denim to the distressed one as I feel this is more classic unlike the trending distressed pieces. Though I will definitely get a distressed one soon if I have some extra cash to indulge.

Can we take a moment and highlight this hair? With everyone being about the “Cut Life” I decided to give the short hair look a try as well, what do you guys think? Is it something I should try again? I have heard so many people thinking I cut my hair but No I didn’t, am not yet there – crochet saving our lives!

 Who else is loving these over sized jackets?

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Stay Fab



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