Hey Loves,

So i started Talk Tuesdays on the blog, but today i will ask you to excuse me and i officially introduce my YouTube Channel ItsMaya Bee.  As most of you might know i have been on a rant for a good DSLR camera which i have not got yet so i decided to Improvise ans use my phone (hope the picture is not half bad LOL). Honestly i have been putting off so many things especially last week which made me see how i was letting the lazy get the best of me so i decided to get off my lazy ass and get things done – YouTube Channel being one of the things.

I made this first video in reply to the first video i put on Facebook, please check it out here.

PS: I wrote this on Tuesday but my internet has failed me terribly, the video just got uploaded this morning – just when i thought Vodafone was the bomb diggity, am very disappointed.

Anyway please be sure to check it out and subscribe.



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