Hello Loves,

Hope you doing great and y’all enjoyed the weekend, mine was such an eventful one with Eid on Friday, Paple Rayn Fashion Show on Saturday – It was a crazy one am telling you. What did you guys do?

Anyway so today is the kick start of Talk Tuesday Series on my blog – trying to keep it hot in here for you Loves J this is something I have been thinking about and I decided get off my lazy ass and get on it. It is a platform for me to share, discuss and even gossip sometimes (LOL) with you guys about my thoughts, dreams, career plans, friendships, social media, fashion, beauty, DIYs,mentors, cultures, boys….. Or even men, health and fitness, those never ending Facebook rants – Life in general (this should be interesting). I believe the biggest impact one can make is on another person, change someone’s life and that will be the greatest decision in your life. Change someone’s life huh?? Sounds like a whole lot of effort right? Believe me it is not, you don’t have to be a millionaire to change a life – sharing your story and experience can change someone’s life, listening to one’s cries can change their lives.

I have many dreams – big dreams guys, sometimes I giggle at myself and for a second I wonder if am dreaming too big? Have you guys heard or seen the quote “If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You, Then You Aren’t Dreaming Big Enough”? Well let’s dream real big loves, remember “When You Believe, You Achieve”.

One of my dreams is to make an impact on girls and women in any way I can, small or big – this is a life goal for me. That is one of the reasons I decided to have “Talk Tuesday” on my blog, I hope through these discussions someone will be inspired or learn a thing or two. I believe in baby steps so this is my first step. Personally I believe women should empower each other – you can see how much power one woman has, so imagine two or more women working together? Am telling you Ladies, We can conquer this world J

 Am out here to learn from all you guys and pitch in where I can, so what do you think I should talk about? Ideas – Anyone?

Oooh am finally on snap chat J quite exciting! Add Me itsmayabee11



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Well well well this should be interesting. . ……. i love it, good job my love. Being the girl that I am, I guess I will do what nature gifted me with “gossiping” hihihihiii
Let’s get to talking ladies

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