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What is your Style Uniform? I mean that one piece in your closet that you can throw on that morning when you are running super late and didn’t pick out an outfit the night before (for some of you who take ages to decide on what to wear like myself)? That go to outfit that always works wonders for you and you don’t have to give it a second thought?

Well mine is the black body con midi dress. I literally live in this dress guys. This is my definite “Style Uniform” for so many reasons, one – it is super comfortable, two – it’s black, three – I can style it in so many ways and you can barely notice it’s the same dress I wore the other day, four – its stretchy, I mean who doesn’t love anything spandex? The comfort is for the gods😀

  I styled the dress with a multi colored head wrap (with mainly maroon, brownish gold and some of orange). Head wraps have been my favorite fashion pieces this month – I think they make such a statement if you get the right one. I stocked up a couple from Off The Rack (check out the Instagram page Here) but for some reason I feel like I didn’t get this one quite right 😣 but Oooh well, you gotta get it wrong sometimes right? 😆

I wore a golden chain that I bought from Fashion Box two weeks ago and I have been loving (am sure you have seen it in one of my previous posts). It’s so simple and can go with almost anything. The shoes ………..Ooooh these shoes – one of the pieces I got to shop from Jumia using the voucher I won for my #256style challenge. These arrived two days ago and they were right on time for this challenge,(am one of those people who can’t contain my excitement for new staff LOL), I think they are so cute and super comfy guys.

  Am such a huge fan of Blazers lately, I consider these a wardrobe Must Have so I decided to throw on one in some of the shots to switch up the look of the dress. See, I told you so much can be done with this dress.


This Challenge is featuring on the African Woman Magazine site, Please check it out Here.😁

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So What is your style Uniform Loves? And why do you run for that specific fit?

Black Midi Dress ~ Gift from my sister

Head Wrap ~ Off The Rack Ug

Shoes ~ Jumia

Blazer ~ Marks And Spencer

Chain ~ Fashion Box +256 782 259 548

Photography By Fred Of iLove Studio

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This Challenge is featuring on the African Woman Magazine site, Please check it out Here.




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Lovely 😍😍


Thanks Kyom😀




Thanks Kelvin😀


Gal! I am dying to learn how to “the classy headwrap” but I am patiently waiting 😍


I know I know….am really working on it


Really digging your uniform & I second Faith on the headwrap. You need to do a post on how to tie it.



Thanks El😀 am working on that head wrap tutorial


You look stunning as always! I nominated you for the creative blogger award here: https://rarebeautyblog.wordpress.com/2015/07/16/creative-blogger-award/


Thanks Sophie😀 let me check it out


You look chic as always . Teach us how do those head wraps please. You go girl so proud of you dear.


Thanks mama😆😆 am really working on the head wrap tutorial, need to sort the camera issue first. But working on it


Hey maya my style uniform is this long black pencil skirt that i have i mean it literally speaks to me and is like my bff i can switch from official to casual in jhus a snap(it even matches with my boots), see what i mean??….so a week without wearing it ain a week to me…and it



Hahahahah the boots right (noted 😀) I can imagine, tag me in a picture of you wearing it on Facebook



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