I think it’s safe to say Happy New Year again after we have finally come to the end of Jan-Worry. Hope y’all are doing great and ready to enjoy this month of Love.


Extremely sleepy and the only place I would to love to be right now is my bed. But a girl’s gotta hustle. Hopefully writing this post will awaken my sleepy ass.


On hearty cup of green tea, ginger and cinnamon.


So much chapatti these days which I surely shouldn’t be eating. I do NOT needs Abs at the moment but a flat stomach is one of my 2018 goals.


Lots of tea lately and I am finding it quite filling which is helping me ton down my appetite that is always on hundred. LOL. I never imagined a time would come when I am almost considering myself to be a tea person.


Deep fried EMPUTA (Nile Perch fish). I had some last night after such a long time and you will not believe how good it tasted.


To lots of inspirational audios and stories on YouTube every morning which have been quite uplifting for me.


Nothing at the moment. I am still on a reading break after a long stressful month of studying for exams, although I have a list of books I really want to read – “We will need more wine” By Gabrielle Union being on top of the list. *Wishes for a miracle gift😉*

Several Blogs and YouTube videos as I wait to Go Gaga and catch up tomorrow. Anybody else look forward to Gaga Wednesdays?

Dynasty which I am not necessarily enjoying but my lazy ass has failed to pick up anything new.

A lot of Black. This hit me the other week when I realized I wore black every single day of the week except Saturday, I am not one for color but looks like I need to incorporate some bold color into my wardrobe.

This Vitamin E body cream I bought sometime last week, very light weight with a sweet scent. I got hooked onto vitamin E mixed with Vaseline beginning of the year and it’s been great at clearing spots on my face however this combo is quite thick so this body cream is an amazing substitute.

My boobs back like yesterday. It’s been an amazing one year and almost two months of nursing my Sonshine and I am enjoying every bit of it but sometimes your Gurl just misses her boobies – No pulling, No biting, No breast pads, Nothing. I miss that.

About the picnic and movie experience organized by the Pearl Guide next Friday. My girl Natty of The Food Library is one of the participating chefs so you can not miss this one if you live for some good food like myself. I am ready to drink that Baileys guys, so ready. Hope to see one of you guys there.

That I have slowly stepped out of my comfort zone this year and let my hair down. Most of you might know by now that I live for the high bun but I must say it feels great wearing my hair down sometimes.

About what to do with my hair for the next two months as I am so ready for a combing break (Any ideas? I am trying not to do the usual braids). I have had my hair out since right before Christmas, it’s definitely time for a breather.

Of the numerous errands I have to run tomorrow and honestly dreading hump day. If it involves the city center, I am never up for it.

About the great chilly days in Kampala because this heat is driving me crazy.

To treat myself more often and a spa day and LACE WIG is much needed.

Can’t get enough of:

My maroon Bata tote bag, I have literally been carrying this everywhere (Like HERE) and said bye to Ehan’s diaper bag for a minute. Am sure some of you can relate to that diaper bag struggle, carrying 2 bags everywhere isn’t a piece of cake.

Stressed Out:
About my Sonshine’s appetite. Meal time is war time in our household- 2 spoons and the rest is fed to the floor which is honestly driving my insane each day that goes by, this little guy Loves his boobie alright but he needs some real food. Can anyone relate to this? If yes, please share what you have done / did in such a situation. Your girl could use any help she can get.

Not Looking forward:
To resuming class this weekend, however I really need to get my school mojo back because I gotta do, what I gotta do to get things done.

About Mowzey Radio’s death, Uganda has lost such great talent. Sleep well Legend.

With all these numerous stories circulating about his death. I know the police has to come to the bottom of this but some of these are not called for, can we just let him Rest In Peace already.

That Life is utterly short hence Live your Best Life and endeavor to change someone’s life while you at it as this is the best thing one can ever do. So go out there today and make somebody’s day.

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For life and you guys, thank you for rolling with me all this time.

Here’s to a lovely February😘

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Stay Fab



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