December will forever be an emotional month for me. This time last year – I was pacing up and down the staircase every 30 minutes hoping my sonshine would stop enjoying and come out to finally meet momma – to be honest, I was over it. Imagine the anxiety of a frustrated heavy Maya two days away from her estimated due date- Yup, I wouldn’t want to be that Maya. And guess what…….

Sonshine (who’s currently illđŸ˜©) didn’t come till 13th January, I think I deserve an award of surviving all the continuous daily anxiety and panic attacks. On a lighter note, how is your December going? Partying away till January? Planning that annual trip to the village? Whichever way you are spending this last month of 2017, make it as memorable as possible – you might as well use these last few days your as New Year resolutions practice ground like I am hoping to do.

On my back enjoying the warmth and comfort this hot water bottle is giving me. I never needed these before but I guess these are some of the changes that came along with having my Sonshine.

Watching Multitasking:
Watching Designated Survivor while writing this post and closely looking at Ehan sleep (Am I creepy? LOL). Being on a two week break from school, I am really looking forward to catching up on all my favorite shows. It has really been a minute / watching the Brave next, anybody else watched it? What shows are you following at the moment?

On some warm water in hope it will ease this bloating. Such an irritating feeling.

A chicken shawarma and already made my order with Amu, however this might just turn out to be those 4 am snacks depending on the time she gets home from her night out.

To so much BeyoncĂ© and Adele music lately because my little sister Amu hooked me up, at times I can’t believe I am not such a music person.

So many blogs and it’s amazing how much talent is out there. So many favorites and I am literally becoming a stalker, a nice stalker.

Skincerely Clare by Clare Oparo, a Ugandan / Kenyan blogger because I need to get my skin popping in 2018, I am going for the Glow and more.

To get my skincare regimen in order – as I said, I am all about the GLOW and more. This is one of my 2018 goals and I have already started doing a little research in hope that I would have found some amazing products by the first week of January. *Remembers to send Clare a message*


Of when I will get my hair plaited. Hair is the last thing I need to worry about when am away from home for the next few days however I am  literally running out of time as we might travel tomorrow.

My tote bags from Bata. I must admit I had never given Bata bags a second look and I just imagined it’s all about dem shoes, I did recently and these I will definitely recommend for you my friend unless you are not about your “money’s worth” like myself / but these are the bomb and durable as hell. I will definitely feature them in some of my Style posts soon.

To miss the city the next couple of days. Y’all know how Kampala traffic is getting mad by the day, it would be nice to drive around the city in peace while almost half of the population is out of town – looks like this year I fall in that half. I hope to enjoy the beautiful Fort Portal.

To vlog (subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE) and do some outfit shoots while in the beautiful Fort Portal. This is the first time I am going away from home with Ehan for more than a day since we got back from Atlanta (he was so good on the plane but he’s now a very active infant),I am really dreading the long drive and stay although I am trying to focus on the positive.

About the perfect skin that graced my face after having my Sonshine, somebody needs to tell me if they can relate or explain to me how that works because at the rate I am constantly breaking out, I am really starting to think it was a temporary reward for the long labor I had. LOL.

Atlanta. I fell in love with the city for two reasons – firstly because of it holds my best memories as that’s where I finally got to meet my Sonshine and secondly the winter is the bomb AF. If I could relocate somewhere, ATL is among my top 5 choices.

At how weak my Sonshine is today. He’s completely refused to eat or drink anything except breastmilk (Thank God) and this is killing me softly guys, he’s not the active Ehan he usually is and I miss that. This is the first time he’s been ill except for the colds which never put him down and I keep getting helpless moments, how did you guys deal with sickness of your little ones as first time moms?

To have added Art to the Gallery. I have always had a thing for Art despite the fact that I can’t draw a thing to save my life LOL, but I love beautiful living spaces and for me Art does that perfectly. We’ve got so many pieces at amazing prices which I hope to add to the online shop as well so be sure to drop by the store, check them out and support your girl. And if you love a good sale like myself, we are having a clearance so be sure NOT to miss that.

Looking forward:
To the new year. Hoping to be more disciplined especially with my finances and make more positive changes in life which I have already started to put in place. December is more like soccer practice for the big game which is 2018.

For life. I can not believe how much my life has changed in this past year, I have learnt so much and grown as a person. I have faced so many challenges and gone through most of them silently which I must admit almost broke me and that’s when I learnt sometimes you need an extra hand to help you fight and capture the demons therefore do NOT be ashamed or afraid to seek professional help incase you need it. I will go in depth about this some other time (I promise) but for now I will assure you i almost drowned until I sought professional help and this turned out more than amazing and I managed to get some perspective. I am happy I took that direction and I intend to resume my sessions at least once a month next year.

Always Grateful:
For you lovelies, your support always means the world to me.

Pants – Maya’s Gallery, Shoes – Bata

Merry Christmas and Here’s to an amazing New Year.

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Stay Fab



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