Three months into the New Year – Is it still safe to say Happy New Year to you lovelies? I have missed being here – putting out content, living this part of my life and fulfilling a commitment I am always delighted to do. For those of you that follow me on my social media platforms (Instagram: itsmayabee Snap Chat: itsmayabee11 Facebook: itsnayabee) might know that life beautifully got in the way and ” We” had a beautiful baby boy – remember I told you it takes a village! So yes we had Ehan on 13th of January at 8:42pm and he’s kept me away and extremely occupied for the last couple of weeks. I can officially call myself a mother and I must say it’s a beautiful yet overwhelming title to carry, nevertheless I wouldn’t have it any other way. “We” can now start raising our child right?
Otherwise hope y’all are doing great and are still on track with those new year resolutions.


Next to my little Bossman still in awe at the works of God. Alhamdulilah!!


To so much trap music lately thanks to my little sister Amu.


On an apple and definitely calling it a night. Silently counting the carbs I had today makes me want to go for a night run but I will pass. Lol.


Clay!! Yes, you read it right – Clay. This should have been a craving while I was pregnant but looks like things work differently for each one of us. Who else has had this craving before?


On some ice cold Pepsi which needs to be replaced with water but this tastes so damn good. An apple and soda – doesn’t make any health sense, I clearly need to clean out my fridge like yesterday.


Lots of brown lipsticks lately. My favorite is Embelish and Limbo from color pop.


Absolutely Nothing as I haven’t had the time to settle in and catch up with any of my reads. However Outliers by Malcom Glad is my next read as soon as I get some time on my hands.


Botched. This show still keeps me on my toes by how much cosmetic surgery is getting done by people out there – it definitely takes a strong heart to undergo that knife.


Nothing! I have lots of shows to catch up on and I definitely can’t wait.


With Elf cosmetics lately (the foundation and blush pallet to be specific). I love how well they work with dark skin yet still affordable, for those in Kampala can get yours at Maya’s Gallery Shop 15 Akamwesi Complex Nakawa.


That am becoming an aunt multiple times this year, its safe to say it’s raining babies in my circles. Thank God for all these blessings.


That I need more consistency in most aspects of my life so I need to get back to the blog and YT channel consistently soon. Life tends to get in the way sometimes but I gotta do what I gotta do.


Quite overwhelmed lately, I must say the last couple of months haven’t been an easy ride but I am trying to look at the hurdles positively – I believe I am a stronger woman that’s ready to face the world.


Every second Ehan takes a nap during the day to get a million things done. Right now am hoping to get this post up and get stock taking done before he wakes – I have never been so occupied in my life, however it’s a great feeling when I put my head down.


That my set deadline to fit into my favorite skinny jeans is soon and I haven’t yet hit my ultimate weight goal. I promised myself to fit into my favorite pair of jeans by the time Ehan turns 3 months which is about twenty days from today and am afraid I will not be able to do so (I will definitely let you guys know if things change in these few days) – however I must acknowledge the tremendous pounds I have lost since birth. Has any of you gone through the weight loss frustration after birth? How did you deal with it? Feel free to share what you did to get back in shape.

Thinking About:

Green smoothie recipes for tomorrow. I am hoping to incorporate these in my daily food intake or maybe replace dinner with a smoothie, that way i can aid my weight loss as Ehan gets all the nutrients he needs. I will definitely share with you guys recipes that are great while nursing.


My best to stay happy and positive – living each day as it comes because postpartum depression does exist however much it’s something our African society tends not to acknowledge.

Looking Forward:

To Saturday when I spend time with my siblings , it’s always a good time every time we meet up.

Still Amazed:

That I hold the title of mother, it’s still so surreal and the experience has completely changed my perspective on life.


To get back to the usual shoots next month however for my YT channel I will be shooting one this week once I get my camera set up.


How I have managed to juggle life with a new born without help. I don’t have a nanny yet so I am currently doing everything by myself and I must admit it’s exhausting but extremely rewarding. Indeed God can’t give you a burden you can not handle! However I am looking for help as I need to get back to work and school soon.

Can’t Wait:

To share with you guys my delivery story, I must admit it was one hell of a ride – days of labor and streams of emotion but I thank God I managed to pull through. This will definitely be such a chatty story so it will be up on my YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe Here.


For Life and you guys! Thank you for stopping by.

To an amazing March!!

Stay Fab



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