Three years ago today (on my birthday eve morning) I would be buried under the sheets trying to catch some sleep because I got home at 6am (Ps: That would have been my routine from beginning of November), trying to recover and get ready for whichever activities I have lined up for the day / night as I await the grand finale which is 11.11. That was three years ago.  Today so much has changed – as i edit this blog post my SonShine is still sleeping and hope to have it up, take a shower and get ready for our breakfast date before he wakes up. Yes, just the two of us – it’s Us against the world.

Don’t get it twisted, I still love to PARTY!! I have always up for a good time, that will never change although it’s a tad different this past year due to the amazing changes in my life -explains why this blog post is going up a day early because the party starts in a few hours. Its my best friend’s birthday today-Happy Birthday Kyom😘. Some of you might know the strong attachment I have to my birthday, everyday in November literally feels like a holiday to me. Last year I shared with you guys the most exciting news in my life (catch up HERE) and today I wanted to share with you lovelies a few things I have known for as long as the adult in me remembers but actually got to sink this past year because Ummmm….ADULTING is a real thing.

Allah (God) can never hand you a load too big for you to handle. I know, there are times when something happens and you ask God “Why me?”, “How the hell am I going to through this?” etc, trust me I too still get those moments, I mean am only human. However I learned to quickly snap out of it and remember everything happens only when Allah wills and there’s nothing too big for him, so I do my best,Pray and try to get with the program. This sunk in after I had my SonShine – never in life would I imagine I would handle to sleep in the hospital by myself after birth (Delivery didn’t go as planned and everybody was swamped with work), never. But look at God, I managed to get through those nights, handle a new born with no experienced help  for one and a half months and came out strong. If you haven’t, watch my Delivery and Post Delivery story HERE and HERE to catch the full details of my experience.

Consistency is everything in life: When you decide to do something stick to it and keep on going no matter what – not only will you get better at whatever it is you are doing, you will always WIN. Majority of the people we look up to have been doing whatever is making them great for a long time hence almost perfecting their art and that’s why we look up to them so we need to do just that. Be consistent and endeavor to fight the demon of comparison because it’s a deadly one. You are unique.

Nobody owes you shit except You! This has made life much simpler for me – zero expectations from people is the best control of heart break. Don’t get me wrong, seek help whenever you feel you could use it but always remember whoever is helping you isn’t entitled to do so but they choose to. I always say, “It takes a village to raise a child” and indeed it does but this doesn’t mean the village will take up your role as a mother.

I hope these lessons will make sense to at least one person out there, sink in and be of help as they were for me. Now am off to spoil my self with some carbs as I prepare for my grand finale tomorrow. I love you guys so much and thanks for the riding with me😘

Here’s to a Fabulous year and many more to come (Hoping to be celebrating them with you lovelies), Happy Birthday to me!

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Stay Fab



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