We all know and heard that breastfeeding is best for you and the baby…..blah blah blah but despite all this positive jazz, can we not ignore the hassle that comes along with nursing. What is that one thing you miss about not breastfeeding? For me it’s two. Firstly, the fact that I never “necessarily” needed a bra in my life (Its now that I truly appreciate the importance of a sports bra while working out LOL) and secondly, the breast engorgement – this is one thing I wouldn’t mind missing out in life. I leave the house after my SonShine’s fully fed with a normal cup size and come back hours later with boobs twice the initial cup size and painful as hell, I won’t even get deep into that pain. I am sure some of you guys might relate.

I could go on and on but enough of my Nursing hassle tales, but I will save those takes for another day. Now let me share with you lovelies a few of my must haves and hacks that have made the last couple months much easier.


Breast Pads;
Nothing is as nasty as a milk leak stain – trust me, I wouldn’t wish this embarrassment on my worst enemy. The engorgement of the breasts is already enough discomfort so don’t add the ugly icing to that cake with a milk stain on your chest area. And why do they have to be so visible? If you got a supply like mine, then you will definitely need to stock up on some breast pads (I must emphasize, tissue is not your best friend, it doesn’t have the absorption capacity of a breast pad) and if you are going to be away from the baby for a while with no hope of pumping or expressing the milk, please carry some extras. I love to be prepared for uncertainty hence being a sucker for a plan B. My favorite breast pads (make that favorite nursing products) are from Medela and you can order for some from Target HERE (they are now shipping to Uganda as well). Avent is another brand I would highly recommend.

Nursing Bras;
Many find these irrelevant and so did I until I finally decided to try out one. I must admit, I am not your typical first time mom who buys each and everything on that standard (long ass) mother and baby list, are you? (I recently decided not to buy my SonShine a walker which is usually a must have and guess what, we are doing more than okay. In fact we starting walking with support at 7.5months) so Nursing bras were one of those items I had rendered irrelevant and cancelled off my list without second thought. However I decided to try out one and the rest is history – the comfort is over the top and I love the fact that I don’t have to pull my bra all the way down or up, if you know what am saying. So get yourself four or six Nursing bras. Thank me later.

Easy Boob Pull out clothes;
I bet y’all know the struggle of picking out something to wear when stepping out of the house with your little one who will need to breastfeed throughout the day. This is one thing that had never crossed my mind before even while I was pregnant and mentally preparing for my breastfeeding journey, and I must say it sucked for me once I was on the nursing train as my wardrobe was limiting the “Boob Pull Out”. You don’t want to be wearing a dress that you will have to take off first in order to feed your little one, do you? I knew I had to make a few additions and I stocked up on off shoulder clothing, button up shirts and dresses, V-Neck clothing. Just everything that make my chest easily accessible by my SonShine.


Double Cami;

It’s every nursing mom’s dilemma. Should I pull my shirt down to feed and half your chest is exposed or pull it up and my whole belly is on display? Neither of the two sound pleasant right to me. Luckily for you, I got you. Layering two tanks or wearing a camisole under your shirt totally solves this problem.

DIY Pumping Bra:
Pumping is one of the Nursing activities I hate to do but usually have no option (I now do it for relief in case SonShine is well fed and I still got full breasts), firstly it can be time consuming so imagine sitting down for a 40 minute pump session and you can’t multitask? I mean you have your two hands holding the breast pump outlets, the pump is now in control – what do you do? Get yourself a pumping bra and let your hands get busy while you pump, you will not even notice how slow those bottles are filling up. However I wasn’t about to spend 35 dollars on a pumping bra and thanks to my Lactation consultant in the hospital who gave me a DIY insight. Find a well fitting bra (most preferably sports bra) that you don’t mind destroying, wear it and mark where the nipples are. Thereafter get a scissor and cut out the nipple area of the bra (that is where you will place the breast pump outlets which will be held in place by the bra) and then you will have yourself a perfect pumping bra and you can now save that 35 bucks or get yourself an insane pair of shoes.

The cabbage miracle;
I finally found my own way of utilizing cabbage besides stuffing myself with coslew. Ever been away from your little one and your breasts get super engorged? Guys! This is the only reason I can’t wait to stop Nursing – the pain can get unbearable, generally it’s not the fanciest experience for anyone. Until I tried the cabbage hack, get a few cabbage leaves to stuff up your bra, this will eventually give you relief. Repeat as needed.

PS: I am not a specialist These are some of the things and tips that have made my Nursing journey easier – they might not be of help to you, however I hope someone can at least pick a leaf.

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I can’t wait to have ma baby insha Allah I have all the information I need


I can’t wait for that too. Information can never be enough my dear, you will learn more on the job


Let me say you are just very lucky to have such a supply of BM. I had to suplement with formula from day One. I would express about 30ml of BM in two hours. I was very frustrated ,i almost went into depression. Believe you me i tried everything possible to increase the milk, from porridge,eating a balanced diet,fenugreek, those tablets that i cant remember their name, everything, name it. I felt like i had really let my son down. He’s now 11 months and we thank God he’s developing well..so count yourself blessed.


Awww๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ I can imagine your frustration feeling like you are letting him down, that mom guilt can kill you slowly ๐Ÿ˜• The most important thing is he’s healthy ๐Ÿ˜
Oooh and he’s just two months older than my SonShine ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


I am literally cupping my breasts as I read this ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I didn’t know that there’s pain when your breasts fill with milk…and I had no idea about breast pads or pumping bras, theres so much to learn!…thank you for the info please keep sharing


I am glad you found these helpful๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— Itโ€™s a lot of learning of the job but I must say it gets easier.

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