Strutting on a Budget? If yes, then thrift shopping is a for you. Being the collector that I am, obsession is the perfect word to describe how I feel about thrift shopping – it always feels like a treasure hunt every time. If you are a fan of vintage anything like myself then you know exactly what I mean. So I recently hit a jackpot of this Channel Belt, even the dude selling it by the road knew it was a catch as it was the only Ugx 5,000 (Approximately $2) belt amongst many costing Ugx 1,000. I didn’t need to think twice, I was sold – it was love at first sight.

I’ve got a Confession!
Hi, my name is Maya – I am absolutely OBSESSED with jumpsuits and I do not need any help. I have literally been living in jumpsuits the past month and this black number being one of my favorites and over 5 years old (check out older posts HERE and HERE), I am calling it a “Maya Classic”. Having gained lots of weight during my pregnancy, my clothes were a big motivation for me to get back in shape (I am not yet at my ultimate weight goal but I see progress) so y’all should have seen the happy dance and jump when I tried on this classic and it fit perfectly again. Am sure some of you might relate to this postpartum struggle.

Black is one of the simplest colors to style and this being a jumpsuit made my morning much easier. This jackpot of a belt is all I needed – how do you guys like this belt? Jackpot or Naah? And are you a fan of jumpsuits like myself?

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