I am lucky to know a number of strong women and Shaki (as I call her) is definitely one of them. Having known her for a couple of years now, and having babies around the same window – I think it’s safe to call her my sister. I like to call her my reference book … Continue Reading

Baby / Toddler Items I would Buy Again

Before I had my Sonshine, I imagined I would be one of those first time moms who bought every and anything for their first child – anything baby was something for my baby boy. Can any mom out there relate? Looks like it was just a thought in passing because that didn’t happen, I turned … Continue Reading

Child Birth, Fashion & How to build your Confidence after Child Birth!

Don’t look too closely as the stretch marks on the saggy breasts might blind you😜     Bringing a child into this world is something I believe no one can put words to because it’s beyond beautiful, whatever that does to our bodies is a completely different story only the owner of that body can … Continue Reading


What would my Mom Talks Series be without engaging my very own beautiful sister Tasha. She’s got the biggest heart and I must say her daughter is lucky to call her mama. Just a few days ago as I was looking at some hilarious childhood pictures wondering why we chose to pose in the toilets … Continue Reading