There’s no doubt Kampala is the Life of the party, a city full of so much energy one might mistake Monday for a good ‘ol Friday. I write this post as I am replying to tweets about tomorrow’s (now today – Wednesday’s) bar hoping plans with the girls, because Kampala Cocktail Week is upon us and it’s just Tuesday. You wouldn’t want to imagine what my weekend will be like, I mean it’s December (I don’t remember the last time I was home for December so I am forcefully jumping onto this December hype train).

Looking at the holidays / December line up, I got realize there’s so many concerts coming up (Are you ready for Wizkid this Thursday?) and I thought I would share with you lovelies a few pointers and tips to keep in mind while getting ready and choosing your outfit for any concert. As they say, sharing is caring!


For me, this is the ultimate “Boss Factor” for all the decisions I make towards my outfit and everything else for the concert evening. Indoors or Outdoors? This is definitely something you would like to find out before deciding whether you ready for a fun filled evening.

  • The Outfit: Are you a “Safe Player” like myself who likes to keep the minis for the club or exclusive places with minimum or no media personnel? Concerts are definitely a paparazzi and media den, we all know these guys love some controversy hence will do whatever it takes to get a snap shot of your mini skirt at the nastiest angle. Better safe than sorry – pants or midi skirts and dresses are always my go to when I decide to attend concerts, dancing the night away with no worry of nasty slip. Don’t forget to carry a jacket to keep you warm especially if the concert is outdoors. A leather jacket is perfectly chic for a concert. I am sure you will not be carrying so many extras with you so keep your purse small – remember your drink will most probably have to stay in your hand the whole night, you wouldn’t want to burden yourself with a huge purse.
  • Shoes: Nothing is as annoying as your pair of stiletto heels sinking into the grass or mud. So a pair of cute flats or sneakers are a go to for a concert especially if the concert is outdoors and considering all the hours of standing and dancing that usually come along with concerts (VIP is no fun at concerts), these are the perfect saviors for your feet. However if you sometimes love your heels more than your feet like myself, a pair of comfortable block heels are perfect and your feet will thank you after that long evening.
  • To Drive or Uber: Please take that Uber. I could write over 600 words as to why you should leave your little miss sunshine home and take an Uber but I will not, however I personally hate the struggle that comes with finding a parking spot so that’s reason enough for me to comfortably hop into an Uber.
  • Dem Breast Pads: For all my nursing mommas, you wouldn’t want to cut your evening short because of those milk stains so please don’t forget our saviors. Pack extra if you are an after party chic like me😊.

These are a few tips I have been considering for years when getting concert ready, and I will definitely consider to get Wizkid ready – I hope you found these helpful and see you on Thursday at Lugogo. What do you consider when getting ready for a concert or even a night out? I would love to know.

Two piece combo – Dresslily

Shoes – AMI CLUB wear

Sunnies – Maya’s Gallery (still available)

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