I have never really understood the hype the comes along with bar hopping even though I am always up for a good night out, but I can explain the art of restaurant hopping. If you have been following the blog for a while now, you might know the stomach is one of the straight paths to my heart, so good food is always a great idea for Maya, just so you know. Before having a baby I never knew choosing a restaurant would be such a task – if the food and ambience were good, then I was good. With my Sonshine, so much goes into consideration. Have you ever walked into a restaurant and waitress gives you that “why the hell did you come to disturb our peace with your baby🙄” attitude? I have seen and experienced this a couple of times which cut down on my go to restaurants if am with Ehan, which is most of the time. I believe there’s such a huge gap that restaurants and hotels in Uganda have to fill in relation to infants and toddlers (for example more than 90% of restaurants and hotels don’t have any high chairs and lack a simple pathway for a stroller). So here’s a list of my all time favorite restaurants even before the baby came along, rating them as baby friendly in order of 1 – 4.

Oldie but Goldie. I must give it to these guys, always getting better with time which comes as shocker considering most restaurants in town lose touch after they have established momentum on the market. Cafe Java’s takes the WIN.

Food : 5/5
The food always tastes amazing except for this one time and my complaint was handled immediately and effectively with a reward of a free meal. The portions are exceptional, two people can feast for one.
Service : 5/5

My Sonshine is always making new friends at Cafe Javas! I must admit the service is always top notch – with my never ceasing pregnancy brain, I am always forgetting my bottle warmer and I don’t get those ugly frowns when I ask for extra hot water to warm up Ehan’s milk.
Ambience : 4.5/5

If you love extreme peace and quiet then this might not be the place for you as everybody loves Javas or you could choose the less busy hours like I always do. I prefer the mid morning hours.
Location : 5/5

With over three branches all over town, accessibility is pretty easy. Still hoping for a Bugolobi / Muyenga location.
Baby High Chair 5/5

I love the fact that I never have to ask for the high chair, they get it.

Apart from the gelato, Karveli stole my heart the first time I was there when Ehan was about 6 months. (Check out VLOG HERE)

Food : 4/5
I will not say much about the food because Karveli is my ultimate dessert spot. If you got a sweet tooth and love you some gelato, this is definitely your spot, I am sure your baby will agree.
Service 3.5/5

The service was a tad slow the first three times I was there despite the place not being busy but the staff made me forget it about it. Extremely warm people.

Ambience : 5/5

Quiet enough for am chatty evening dessert date with the family.

Location 4/5
Found in the heart of Kampala, Karveli is quite accessible but you gotta choose your indulging hours wisely in order to dodge the never ending Kampala traffic. Sundays are my favorite days to visit Karveli.

Baby High Chair 5/5

No need to ask for one, they totally get it.


The Lawns has always been my happy place as it holds so many profound memories (like some of my birthdays, check out post HERE), so I definitely had to include my Sonshine in these memories.

Food : 4/5

If you are a meat lover with a pallet ready to experience then you need to need to check out the Lawns. Specializing in wild game meat, i initially found this inappropriate for a toddler but being a non experimental person, am good with my steak and chicken, and so is my Sonshine. The portions are fair.

Service : 3/5

The service could definitely be better in the garden lounge area.

Ambience : 5/5

With the relocation, I am sure you too will fall in love with the ambience. The Lawns offers the perfect balance – If you are up for a chilled Sunday family lunch, the quiet gardens are perfect with enough space for the kids to play and if you are ready for a classy wine and dine, the fine dining area is beyond amazing.

Location : 5/5

Kololo. This is the heart of the Life in Kampala, about half of the most popular restaurants and hangouts are located in Kololo and surrounding areas. This makes the Lawns strategically located and accessible.

High Chair : 0/5

The gardens being my new preference since there’s enough space for my jumpy Sonshine, high chairs are not available.


Food : 3/5
Food tastes amazing however the portions are quite small.
: 2.5 /5
I have noted discrimination on several occasions especially at Le Chateau which is such a turn off but I am an optimist so I keep going back. However I must give it to Eva of Le Pattisserie, Ehan’s fave person of the week.
Ambience : 5/5
I must admit, the ambience keeps on calling me back despite the service discrepancies. With the renovations, I can’t get enough of how cute the space is – however I would advise you to stay away from the high spaces if you decide to indulge at Le Pattisserie, these are extremely dangerous for a jumpy toddler.
Location : 5/5

Located in Nsambya Le Chateau is absolutely convenient for me as my hood (Bugolobi)  is around the corner.

Baby High Chair : 1/5

The High chairs do not have a buckle which is extremely dangerous for toddlers, especially if you got one who’s as jumpy as mine.

And if you are really not in the mood to deal with all the hustle that comes along with getting out of your comfort zone with an infant or toddler but still craving some amazing food and dessert. The Food Library got you, for the perfect fine dining and private chef experience, you will definitely thank me later.

PS: These are my opinions out of my various visits to these places, your experience at might be different so feel free to share and please be sure to let me know which restaurants you love to go to with your little ones.

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