For those who know me well know i take my birthday very seriously, i just wonder what will happen on my wedding day – so imagine Maya cancelling her birthday. WOW – that came as a shocker to me as well but i had made up my mind and nothing was about to change it, … Continue Reading

One of my favorite things lately is peplum anything. Give me a peplum dress, top or skirt and you will earn my widest grin of the day. Are you in the need to conceal your postpartum flabby stomach like myself? (Don’t get it twisted I am still about that “Snap Back” life though it’s taking … Continue Reading

I have never really understood the hype the comes along with bar hopping even though I am always up for a good night out, but I can explain the art of restaurant hopping. If you have been following the blog for a while now, you might know the stomach is one of the straight paths … Continue Reading

versatility vəːsəˈtɪlɪti/ noun 1 ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.”a writer of remarkable versatility” Let’s talk Versatile wardrobe and you can call me the versatility preacher. As females our wardrobes go through various changes throughout the course of our lives due to a ton of reasons – firstly a … Continue Reading