For me, clothes are a form of expression, telling a story without uttering a single word – I dress up according my mood and black is a happy color on my world. I could tell you so many tales attached to all my favorite outfits as I attach memories to my clothes, is that strange? This trench coat gave me some extra warmth during the lovely fall-like winter while I was heavily pregnant with my SonShine – even though it couldn’t button up anymore, it kept me warm and stylish. Months later as I was doing some closet cleaning – I tried it on and BOOM, we could button again😁I knew it was definitely hitting the Blog LOL. I have so many memories attached to clothes and scents – every perfume I have ever used reminds me of someone or a time in my life, can anyone relate?

Let’s talk basics!

Take a few seconds!

Now think about the different things you can do with a black midi dress, a black trench coat and black sneaks. So much right? This outfit screams wardrobe basics which I live for because I am all about wardrobe maximization. If you are looking to build your wardrobe this is a perfect start for you. I strongly believe every woman needs a black midi dress in their wardrobe, if you don’t have one, please be sure to invest in one.

Why Black?

Black is such a classic color which easily catches the eye (at least for me) and hands down the easiest color to style. If you are obsessed with accessories then think of plain black clothing like your canvas to paint and tell your story – whatever your mood is, black clothing can tell a different story about you depending on how you choose to accessorize your outfit. A black midi dress is a heaven sent wardrobe MUST have – I have had this specific one for over 4 years and worn it several times like HERE, it stretches pretty well and worked wonders even when I was pregnant, check it out HERE on my Instagram. If you are looking to build your wardrobe, a stretchy black midi dress is a must have.

Trench coats have been trending for a minute now and I must admit I was sold a long time ago, even though it wasn’t at first sight.

An all black outfit screams “Maya is not in the mood to try hard” hence absolute comfort zone which I intend to switch up a little bit with some color soon.

However I must applaud myself for slowly stepping out of my comfort zone to owning two pairs of sneakers and actually wearing them. Spending the whole day with my SonShine means running and being allover the place therefore momma needs to get her comfort on, these sneakers were perfect for a long day out with Ehan.

Are you a fan of black like myself? What are your tips for building your wardrobe? Please share with us in the comments.

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Stay Fab



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Oh gorgeous! You’re absolutely lovely in black. I love how you finished off the look with sneakers! I mean…athleisure is the way to go!


Thank you Dalene❤️❤️ will definitely try sneakers on a similar look

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