It’s just a few weeks to end the year – how fast does time fly? On the down sight i feel like am growing up too fast, i am NOT ready. So how was your November? Mine was epic with constant celebrations and a few personal changes which i am coping with pretty well. I think. The month of parties is here and with everybody back home on holiday, am telling you December always gets crazy.

Eating Munching:

On fruit and Jesa yogurt which is the bomb btw. I am trying to eat healthy but my mind is on that chicken and cheese panini from Quality Hill.


More green and lemon tea. I am all for boosting that metabolism as i love me some food.


Armani code luna By Giorgio Armani – a new member of my fragrance family. Looks like a have a new fave scent.


A pair of my favorite blue boots, thanks to the rain.


Who moved my cheese. Am i the only one who had missed the memo all this time? This is one of those books everybody needs read as life is constantly changing, am starting to think like the little mice. When the cheese is moved, find new cheese – do not sit there crying over spilled milk.


Quantico. I think this is the best series i have watched since the year begun, i fell in love right after the first episode – which is such a rare thing for me. Priyanka Chopra is so gorgeous (remember that Indian Miss World? Stunning right?) so this came in as an extra bonus.

Can’t Wait:

To finish the last module at UNITAR next week. I need a break like yesterday.


How i recognize and acknowledge my mistakes. I believe this is the first step to better myself – Accept and work upon it.


That I need to attend class this weekend, even if it’s just an hour – I have been such a bad girl.


On what to do with my hair. Am over these braids already.


Nude lips lately. I am pretty proud of myself for slowly getting out of my comfort zone. Looks like am mastering a little of the makeup game, thanks to YouTube.


Most of Jackie aina’s  latest YouTube  video, this lady is so amazing on top of having A makeup game.


How much weight i have put on and this has completely made me uncomfortable and i need to do something about it. Any tips?


All the opportunities as the come my way, Alhamdulilah.


That my baby “ItsMayaBee” is making 7 months on the 20th of this year. This might seem small to some people but am this makes me so proud – as i have said before and will keep on saying, you guys are the bomb, thank you so much.Cant wait for us to make a year😃.


That my dad made another year last week, 60 never looked so good. Happy Birthday to my hero.


A new read, any suggestions? I never for even a second thought i was a reader, am calling this growth. Good growth.


To lose 3 Kilograms in the next 10 days. As i asked earlier, any quick tips?


About doing a restaurant review on the blog this week – it’s been a minute.


If i will end up getting that vacation after all? I think i need it but my exam schedule might just end up being the spoiler. Who starts the new year with exams?

Can’t wait:

To see my dress for the awards this Saturday. Am working with another great designer, should i share the sketch or we wait for the real deal. If yes, please say so and i will share it on Snap Chat.


That am going to miss the Jinja getaway with my friends this weekend😞 I need it but my schedule just won’t let me.


At how drunk one of my friends’ was on Saturday. Am telling you it was a crazy weekend and i got to celebrate my birthday, again 🙂 (Sorry no pictures this time).

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To an amazing December.



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