Chic Up your Hijab!

I appreciate the modesty that comes along with Hijab and despite the recent shameful happenings in the world  which have come along with associating everyone Muslim or not dressed in Hijab with terror, it still puts a wide grin of pride on my face when i see my sisters out there all scarfed up. I … Continue Reading

Turquoise / Black Out : HOOTD

 Y’all gotta have to excuse me for two things today – firstly my super shiny face, it’s mad hot in this town. And secondly for this very short post on top of being kinda MIA lately, life has just been getting in the way of so many things. Any-who… who is a throw on/ cover … Continue Reading

Lashings Of Green

I think there are two types of Muslim girls, those that like their scarves / veils small and extremely neat and those who like theirs big, thick and a little unruly. I am definitely down for the latter.

Blaze It Up

Ever sat down and thought how many different ways you can wear a blazer? So many right? So when I say a blazer is one of my wardrobe staples – don’t think twice, just invest in one or five yourself. So I realized it’s been a minute since I got my hijab look on and … Continue Reading