Hello Lovelies,

A few days ago I went on my Facebook page to ask about online shopping in Uganda, I didn’t get much response from people but one person said “most of the products are fake,what you see is not what you get”.

I have tried online shopping a few times when I travel and I wasnt disappointed though I have definitely heard some stories of disappointment (still lucky not to have fallen victim yet😆).

The second response I got from Facebook that day was to try Jumia and guess what I gave it a shot. So I went ahead and did the needful (download the app, scroll through the pieces available, though some are quite pricy LOL). I finally came across a blue skater skirt that I fell in love with but all I kept on hoping was “what I see is what I get” but I still went ahead and placed my order anyway.

In less than two hours after I placed my order, I received a call from a gentleman called Sam working with Jumia confirming my order. I was amazed by the first hand efficency despite the fact that I was still waiting for a loophole (LOL, am no hater though). Later that afternoon I received a call from a Jumia delivery agent asking if I was at my delivery address so that he can deliver the skirt, unfortunately I wasn’t there as I had put in mind delivery was 2-4 days after placing the order. 

So I told him to be back the next day before midday which he did. And Guess what, the skirt is exactly what I was expecting and I can’t wait to rock it. (Will definitely share details of the outfit)  

So am out here to give a big KUDOS to Jumia for the excellent service, please keep it up. (Just here waiting for the grand sale,LOL everybody loves a sale right?)

So anyone thinking about online shopping in Uganda,(it operates in a few other African countries too) just download that Jumia  App and you are good to go.

Enjoy your weekend Loves!



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I have tried jumia before there things are good but abit expensive good u wea a happy client

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