Hello My Beautiful People. 

Hope your week is going great. As I had promised in one of my previous posts (Friendships And Dreams), am here to give you details on how the photoshoot went. Note, with all the love I got for pictures this was my first photoshoot ever (so you can imagine the excitement that was going on).

Am glad I was doing this for me and my “Baby Blog” and seeing as this was a kick off to my dream I needed to get resourceful and make sure I do not incur any unnecessary costs , so I decided to do the shoot at home (any chance to save a dime, if you know what am saying 😉).

The outfits I featured in this shoot were all recreations of exactly how I wore them previously and I will be giving details of one outfit, where and why I wore it once a week for the next couple of weeks. Can’t Wait!!!

This shoot was so much fun I had my sisters and best friend with me the whole day, I appreciate the love guys (they put everything on hold for me, what more can I ask for) and I managed to get some shots with them.

I got to work with one of the best makeup artists in town Mona (any chance to get my glam on right?) and I got a spectacular face beat. Honestly I was overwhelmed by her work, she got that contour going on for me and the makeup lasted as long as I needed it to. I was a happy client 😀.

The photography was by Fred Bugembe of ILove Studio and by the looks of it, I will definitely be working with him again.

Iam no model but I felt like one for a day, the camera and I fell more deep in love.




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Indeed, there is more to you and the camera! The makeup was perfect.


Oooh yes…Lol iam flattered shakie. Thank you!


Love the photos ladies you all looked mwaaa much love ❤❤


Thank you Fatuma!!
Much Love


1st, Congs Maya, am happy to see u do something u luv, t teks guts darling. U guys looked awsome in yo pics. Go gal!


Thank you fie!! Am glad am doing something am passionate about


Very beautiful pictures.. Everything was put together perfectly


Thank you!!


Beautiful ladies…makeup was superb

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