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I recently filmed a chit chat video (which will be up on my Channel on Thursday) where I mentioned that I have been in such a good mood, feeling great and oozing positive vibes lately. Do you know that feeling when your life is about to fantastically change? That one, it’s such an amazing feeling. Don’t get it twisted I have several lows just like any other person (I mean, I am a mother of a toddler who keeps running all over the place and experiencing the Terrible Twos too soon so Yes, those lies come quite often) but I decided to speak prosperity and happiness into my life. As they say “Be careful what you wish for”, I wish for Prosperity, Happiness and Contentment. What do you wish for today? The power is all in your hands Love😊

My Holy Grail on Feeling Good:

  • Stay Prayed Up.
  • Let Go and Let God – Do your ultimate best and leave the rest to God.
  • Stay allergic to negative vibes.
  • Be the energy you want around you.
  • What are your tips on staying positive? Please be sure to share in the comments.

Also, let’s take a moment to highlight my flash moment from Kamapla to Lagos. You may ask why the highlight? This is because the lady Alpher behind this work is such an inspiration to me, she’s living the statement “Be Careful What you Wish For” in all the right ways. A few years back we had a conversation where I asked her what she thought her purpose was and she wanted to do, and her response was “Maya I would love to work my hands”, little did I know she was talking about makeup and head wraps because by the time we had this conversation, I was using my amateur makeup skills to draw her eyebrows. A few years later, she’s out here using her hands to make women feel beautiful everyday.

She wished for something, Prayed Up,put her mind to it to master the skill and she’s now living her dream. Something she once just wished for so don’t be afraid to Dream, just Dream Big.

Makeup and Head Wrap Styling : Alpher makeup and Veils

Photography: Trace Photography

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