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Hope your week was off to a great start.

Over the weekend one of my elder brothers had his traditional wedding (Kwanjula) where he finally made it official with his fiance. It was such a beautiful ceremony and i got to rock my ”Gomesi” also known as ”Busuuti”  (traditional wear for the baganda and basoga here in Uganda). This was the second time i got to wear a gomesi and this will be the second in my collection (big girl issues, am telling you).

A Gomesi is a floor-length, usually brightly colored cloth dress with a square neckline and short, puffed sleeves. The dress is tied with a sash placed below the waist over the hips. The Gomesi has two buttons on the left side of the neckline.  A kikkoyi or kanga is tied underneath the linen Gomesi to ensure that the fabric does not stick to the body and to make one’s booty appear bigger (i believe the bigger the booty, the smarter one is in a gomesi LOL).

I will not say am the biggest fan of this Gomesi because i am not; it can get pretty hot and the kikooyi that is worn underneath the gomesi is just too much clothing on for me but a girl got to do what a girl got to do right? Sometimes you have got to go with the flow.

I picked out a beige colored gomesi with details of green and blue, paired it with a dark blue sash. I wore a simple golden chain with pearls on it with pearl studs to finish up the look (traditional wear doesn’t have to be boring) and kept my hair in a ponytail.

The ceremony was such a success though we had a little bit of rain earlier in the day, you guys know what they say about rain and weddings? Rain comes with blessings. (am not superstitious at all by the way). But even the rain couldn’t cramp our style, we enjoyed religiously. Family, good food and good music is always a good idea, am seriously looking forward to the next kwanjula😀.



Congrats Rashid and Shamirah, May God Bless Your Marriage!

Gomesi ~

Chain and Studs ~ Forever 21

Make Up By Me.

PhotoCredit ~ Family members

Much Love



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I agree busuutis are hectic when it gets hot but you definitely killed it.


Thanks Anna😀


Gomesi swag lovely


You rocked kid!!!! You’re turning into a fashonista!!! Wonder where you got that kid!!!????. You looked amazing!!!. The colours plus the the jewely !!! You go girl!!!..May i mention !! Amiina rocked it too!!! Just saying!!! Keep bloging will be readind. Oh by the way will have to show this to my boss.


Awwww…..thanks mama! Am glad you think so😘😘


Dis is amazing Maya ur such an inspiration to e yung ladies out thea including mi 😍


Thank you Jamilah😀

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