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Hope your weekend has been great – tomorrow is Monday, can you believe how fast this year is moving? The past weeks have been so eventful for me with so much to do (which i managed to accomplish – couldn’t be happier with myself), lots of food with the many Iftar (breaking fast) invitations, and so much more including the AmCham Monthly Garage Sale which was held at Tamarai Thai Restaurant in Kololo.

Th AmCham garage sale is held every last Saturday of the month at Tamarai Thai Restaurant and is organised by the American Chamber Of Commerce Uganda. Each table at the sale goes for UGX25,000. I was lucky enough to get a chance for a one on one with one of the organizers Brenda and i got to learn that all the proceedings from the garage sale are go to charity, isn’t that amazing?

If you have been following my blog, you must know i love a good discount – so this is something i couldn’t miss. Garage sales are great chance for one to get a variety of staff like clothes, toys, shoes, electronics etc at very low prices and also to get rid of staff that you don’t need (am talking to you my hoarder buddies LOL). I took this chance to clear my closet and sell off the things i hadn’t worn or used in over a year. 


The garage sale starts at 9 am so i had to be at the venue by 8.30 am to get a strategic place for the day,( i mean a place with some shade for me and my team to chill out as we waiting for the shoppers to come by). Imagine i thought i was an early bird – Not at all my friends, not at all. I was lucky enough to get ”that strategic place” though. I was accompanied by one of my little sisters Aminah and my friend Kyom who helped me throughout the day, Thanks guys – i couldn’t be happier.

I managed to make some sales and i won’t complain because i did much better than i had expected. I wasn’t able to sell all the staff i had carried, so i will be giving the rest to charity.

There was a variety of staff at the garage sale like paintings, shoes, clothes, books, electronics, just to mention but a few. Unfortunately I started a “No shopping Rule” last Monday which I had to keep, so I tried to contain my itch to buy anything (which I failed LOL, but at least I didn’t go over the top as usual). I bought Indian attire – which I didn’t own before, at an overwhelmingly good price (you would never guess how much even if you tried)  so I won’t say I broke the promise. 🙂

I will be taking part in the garage sale every after a few months (will keep you guys posted) and i hope to see you guys sometime.

Great Week Ahead Loves






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Like the spirit good heart ♥ I will have a look at what remained may be I can buy


Thanks Fatuma. I thought you were going to come through but….😏

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