Happy New Month Loves,

Hope y’all are doing great. It’s amazing how i have been feeling lately – extremely happy, grateful (am telling you nothing can phase me now days, unless it’s serious of course) and am loving life. Well i got something new for you which i hope to be doing every beginning of month and that is the ”Taking Stock Post”, i was a bit skeptical about this at first (was scared of boring you guys) and then i thought to to myself – ”my blog, my life” , so i followed thy heart LOL.

I had been doing mini weekly taking stock series in my note book and this helped me see how grateful i should be for all the things in life – small or big and these helped me keep track of my daily, weekly, monthly and annual plans. And now am sharing with you guys – as we all know sharing is caring.                                                                       


One of my favorite black jumpsuits with a peach blazer (I hope I got the color right ๐Ÿ˜‘) and a head wrap. Am loving these head wraps this month – so chic and stylish. You won’t have to  have to worry about “dem” bad hair days after you stock up on a few of these. Got mine from Off The Rack Ug, you can check them / us out on Instagram.

Eating Craving:

A chocolate chip milk shake from Java Coffee And Tea Village Mall and gelato ice cream from Le Passterrie Acacia Mall. (treating myself to one those for dessert after i break my fast). Note: These are the same craving I have had the whole week – someone’s cravings are over the top.


The aroma coming from the kitchen, making me think about food and only food – I mean who cooks this early  (i guess some of you guys who have fasted before can relate).


Noises from the construction going on across the street from my house. I wonder why it’s bothering me this morning yet I usually never notice it.


Weekly sticky notes for my to do list, this has helped me be more organized and not forget to get staff done. I actually make sticky notes for my long term plans and dreams which i put in my very cute note book, so every time i  go through my note book i remember to work harder towards my dream. Lately i have been noting down any and everything from blog post ideas to outfit ideas and this has helped me loads. I like my life more organized ๐Ÿ™‚


 Modern Women by Ruth Harris on my iBooks App (then you wonder why i love my iphone, free short books – plus the amazing pictures of course – for my love for pictures). To be honest this has been on hold for some reason i also can’t figure that out, but resuming soon – plan on at least 30 minutes a day for a good read.


American Oddysey Episode 10 and loving it. I just wonder why Frank Majors keeps surviving death โ€“ can the dude just die already LOL. I am one of those โ€˜โ€™wait for six episodes or moreโ€™โ€™ kinda people, i canโ€™t watch one or two episodes.


That my little sister has started her internship yesterday and is getting paid, Yaaaaayyy at last one can breath a little  LOL. Waiting for my treat amu.


 When i should start my you tube channel, was thinking mid July but clearly am pushing this to ummm…. will let you know. But first i need to invest in a good camera? Any ideas guys? (i won’t be needing those 900 dollar cameras, No please – this girl is on a tight budget).


Why the rate at which women throw shade at other women is increasing each day. Itโ€™s so sad, we women should empower each other.We must stand together as strong ladies and empower each other along every step of the way. Help one another. If you can’t, then that’s just bad, I would love a woman to support me and i’d be supporting her right back. Ladies Hate is too old school for us, don’t you think so?


 My new two mugs I got from Game the other day(one of them reads ”GR8”, i picked that one out because i was feeling hella Great). Yes, small things make extremely happy. I love anything cute.Cant wait for my usual green tea runs through out the day.

Looking Forward:

To catching up with my best friend Kyom over an early diner this evening (Am not canceling this time round ๐Ÿ˜Š). It’s always a good time every time we link up. 


How short my hair has become. Am glad I can still hold my bun but I need a serious growth remedy and routine for this hair ASAP. Any suggestion Loves?


Every second of my blogging journey and i wonder what took me so long to jump on the train. Guys it is amazing that i keep falling in love with what am doing, i have learnt so much since i started blogging you won’t believe it .


 For this month of Ramadhan. This month comes once a year and there is a calming peace that comes with it, grateful for every little bit of it. Am grateful for my father( i think i will be grateful forever), he is indeed the best thing that ever happened to me and my number one fan, I  Love you papi.


For something i have wanted for the past two and a half years and am optimistic this time round (am really sorry i can’t mention it now but will do very soon – maybe in the next taking stock post).


That i made the top three for #My256style challenge sponsored by Jumia and African Woman Magazine.I talked about it early last last week, you can check out the post here for more details. That was already good enough for me but guess what…..i won the challenge, Yaaaaaayyyy Me ๐Ÿ™‚  For those who have voted thanks for the love and support, i truly appreciate. Now am off to the Jumia site to decide on what i will be picking out ( can you believe a blender just came to my head – Weird huh?), will definitely show you guys what i get.


To get serious with my fitness after the fasting period, so I need to push for this membership to get paid. Am not so good with home work outs, am that girl that needs super motivation so aerobics class works perfect for me.

            Thinking: (now)

My brief  visit to African Woman Magazine Offices in an hour to pick my goodies ๐Ÿ˜ƒ and take some pictures- these guys better be on time today (this was supposed to happen last evening and unfortunately  they were not able to, so that was gas wasted).

Been Thinking: 

About buying a small cute desk and chair to make a mini tiny office for myself in my room (my bed is starting to give my back some trauma while am working on my laptop), and now to choose between my babies (the shoes) and the desk – all this from space struggle. Any one know a place i can look?


Those people who have memorized the whole Holy Quran, you guys have got a gift if you didn’t know.


Self love is key. No one will love you unless you love yourself first, so am just here loving me ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you guys enjoyed this. What are your plans? What are you grateful for? remember every plan is equally important. Have a great month Loves!

Much Love







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Reading something new and loving the concept. โ˜บ


Thanks Evelyn๐Ÿ˜Š you should try it out


I just might. โ˜บ


Thanks for sharing, I am getting addicted to your blogs.


Thanks Edith. Am glad you enjoy them. ๐Ÿ˜†


Loving the look so on point ๐Ÿ’œ


Thanks Fatuma


Therez always something new n interesting here..enjoy reading yo posts..always luking out for the next one..


Thanks Sophy. Am humbled, thanks for reading.


Sophy are you around? I finally get you on the blog ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Hehe ya i am..u shud inbox me yo number on fcbk or smething.


Maya, this is one of the best blog posts i have read in a while. They kept me reading to the end. I mostly liked the one of the movie, so funny! I am grateful for my life with all its numerous opportunities and challenges. My plans are to be different in a good way!


Awwww….shakie am glad you liked it. Everything is exactly how I was feeling that moment


Wow!! Blogging is the way to go, for sometimes I have been reading people’s blogs without the guts to start mine but when I started, I feel it’s my space, my small world that helps me talk out lots. I can’t disregard that I am talkative and I believe everyone has at least something to share. I have loved your first taking stock, continue doing the food job. Congrats on making it for the #my256 challenge. I can’t wait to know what you have picked. Xoxo Faye


I know that feeling Faye….it’s like your own corner in the world.
Thanks๐Ÿ˜€ still deciding, will definitely put up what I get soon.


I will be waiting dear I trust your choice๐Ÿ˜€

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