Happy New Month Loves,

 The year is almost ending – more than half of it already, can you believe it? I am not  sure if i should look forward to my birthday this year (looks like age is catching up LOL). Anyway this month has been great, with some few lows of course but i managed to get through that. Guess who joined Snap Chat last month? MayaBee and am loving it – something about Snap Chat that excites me so much, so please be sure to follow me itsmayabee11 updates.                                


A blue maxi dress and a very old worn out beige blazer (as am writing this, but will definitely be wearing something different tomorrow when I post – explains the pictures😉). This dress is super comfortable and this has been such a lazy week that I have lived in dresses the whole week – no energy for that skinny jean dance, if you know what am saying. No lazy Maya tomorrow though. Already got the skinny jeans ready😀


 Coconut oil. I use this as my body moisturizer and it smells heavenly. Did i mention it works wonders on my skin so am literally hitting two birds with one stone.


Loud music from the next room – trying to cramp my style but I refuse that to happen. Oooh wait….it’s Friday night, I won’t judge my peoples.


To Bend Down Pause by Runtown and Wizkid. Ooooh my this jam sets the mood for me- i start thinking about my dancing shoes! And today is Friday, unfortunately i preferred to cozy up at home after the rain we had earlier but tomorrow i will let you catch me if you can. 🙂

Eating Craving

Absolutely nothing. I had so much pizza today i actually feel sorry for my waist and thighs. Guys i almost finished a whole large pizza today thanks to my lunch date Kyom who just had one slice, needing another pizza eating buddy already – who’s interested?


Myself a promise not to buy any clothes, shoes or accessories for two weeks (i know two weeks are few but baby steps guys).


 My mummy so much, i wish she was here to see the kind of woman i am becoming (it makes me so emotional just typing this). But am so thankful for the mothers i still got that are with me every step of the way. RIP Ma

Reading Following:

So many blogs and YouTube channels. You won’t believe how many amazing bloggers are out there. Let me be honest, I haven’t had time for any good reads lately (I mean books), all I do is read blogs for hours – so much to learn from these ladies. But I am making myself a promise to buy a book this week, am actually scared of what too much time on my laptop might do to my eyes. Any good reads?


Devious Maids Season 3 Episode 8. First, I think Rosie looked so beautiful on her wedding but she is the most confused character LOL, she left Spence for her very hot first husband (for some reason i cant remember his name). I knew there was something not right with him and now he’s going to go back making deals with the cartel. See, I never trusted very hot guys – even in the movies 🙂 Okay guys Rosie’s accent – NO, NO NO. I won’t even start on that but is it just me and my little sister, but her accent is painful OMG!


How supportive my family is with everything I do, from the blog to my business – even my youngest sister comes to buy from me and she actually pays on time(daddy is in big trouble am telling you).


Of the business mind in me. I actually used to underestimate myself when it came to this aspect of life but am doing pretty good so far. *gives self a big hand clap*


To start my YouTube channel (Yaaaayyyy Me) i finally decided to work with what have instead of using the lack of DSLR camera as a constant excuse. You will not believe how ignorant i was about my phone and the apps – it’s shameful but YouTube is getting me up to speed. Ooooh and I haven’t given up on the camera yet so if you were planning on gifting me – Thank you so much.  My channel is up and running  check it out HERE. Please be sure subscribe.  Any video ideas loves?


A tripod like yesterday. Seeing as i am not getting the camera yet, the least i can get is the tripod – don’t you think? that’s not so much to ask for.


On a Good Samaritan to make me some lemon tea. (here we go again – too lazy to walk to the kitchen)


With Jackie Aina’s YouTube channel. Am trying to get a hold of the makeup art – these are my saving instincts talking btw LOL, no more money to spend when i am having a shoot. And this girl has got magic in her hands, so she is definitely worth picking a leaf from. Check out her channel here.


How to incorporate one liter of green tea in my daily routine on top of the 2 –  3 liters of water I take daily. I should confess I am terrible with workouts so I try my best to boost my metabolism as much as I can and green tea is great for that.


My new desk, it has made my work so much easier. Do you guys remember i mentioned thinking about buying a little desk for my room in the last taking stock series? Well looks like i got friends with big hearts – a friend of mine read the post and happened to have one just laying around, and i got lucky.  Now this is the social capital i am always talking about. Oooh btw the desk was delivered to my house (how sweet right?) so all i did was wait 🙂

Looking Forward:

To wearing the dress I bought today. Guys this dress spoke to me the moment I saw it and it fits like a glove, and it’s white – I told you I love my clean neutrals. Can’t  wait to rock it tomorrow night. Catch me on Snap Chat if I don’t get a chance to take pictures. The excitement is that real guys 😁😁


I would have a quick and easy solution to my love for junk food. Fries and pizza are my drug people but i need to get it together.


That i have been wearing the same pair of studs for over a week – and i mean day and night. This is so not me, another sign of how super lazy and unproductive i have been this week (am actually disappointed in myself – *you should know better Maya, should know better*).


Snap chat like a problem. I think you see more of the real side of people here than on Instagram – i think (maybe am just a newbie but that it what i think for now). I made my sisters and best friend join but looks like they keep forgetting to snap LOL.


On a talk I had with one of my clients today as I was doing my usual Accessorize deliveries. She told me to keep following my dreams and pursue what am passionate about – which makes so much sense guys. She told me how thankful she is for her job but she hates the punishment feeling she gets everyday when she wakes up to go to work, crazy right? I know sometimes bills have to be paid so we end up doing jobs we hate but if you get a chance to do what you love, do NOT hesitate. Imagine getting the bills done with a smile on your face.


For life – as simple as that. I am alive, healthy and writing this blog post. What more can i ask for?


For the same thing since the last taking stock series. I had promised to update you guys this time but unfortunately it is still in the same state as it was last month. But I got my Plan B ready and from the looks of it, Plan B seems like a better fit for me right now.


About the Talk Tuesday Series i started on the blog. My ultimate dream is to have a positive impact on someone’s life, or even change it – it could be through sharing ideas or someone learning a thing or two from me. I hope the Talk Tuesdays can lead me in the direction i dream about. #OurDreamsAreValid


To establish myself more in the market and one day have a store of my own😆 Inshallah

 Thinking: (now)

Of the pictures i have to take of the accessories stock i have to send to my clients – guys this is not as easy as i used to imagine, i mean you got to take the perfect shots as that is what will sell the product before the client sees it in person.


The people who risked and pursued what they were passionate about. When i say risked, you might wonder – how did they risk? In our society especially the African society, we are raised with a mind set of going to school and becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants etc (you know that cliche line of career). Some people might love it which is great but majority pursue these careers because society thinks they are prestigious and that is what is expected of them. Even now when society is quite diverse it still takes guts for one to say ”I will not do Medicine or that MBA, i will focus on poetry, music, fashion etc because that is what i am passionate about” For some reason these careers feel safe but don’t you admire that man who went against society to pursue his passion for music or fashion and now making millions out of what he loves because i do.


Lowering your expectations will do you more justice in life. The more you expect the more you will get disappointed – even when you helping someone, please do it with one heart but do not expect anything in return. That way you keep your lil heart safe and everybody is happy, what do you think?

Wearing (Today)

My fave black skinny jeans of the month (these are winning btw) with a purple camisole from Forever 21 and a lavender kimono which I wore before -check out post here. I finished the look with a black choker and white belt from my Accessorize collection (please contact me if interested), head wrap from Off The Rack, Shoes From Jumia and Ray Ban Shades.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. What are your plans? What are you grateful for? remember every plan is equally important

Don’t forget to add me on snap chat itsmayabee11. Let’s snap away.

 Have a great month Loves!





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Love the look hun keep doing what you love it will take you places 😘😘😘


Thank you hon. This is what keeps me going


Keep at it Maya,as long as the will is there, there will always be a way. And youre right as long as you do what you love , chances are, you will get very far. As i said before , so proud of you and keep going at it.


Thank you mama 😀 you such a blessing!


Wooooooo always on point baby girl😘😘👌👌👌👌👌


No doubt ur heading to bigger and better things….. just u wait 😘😘😘


impressive Maya! Keep it up👏👏
About reading a book, try Robert Greene’s 48 laws of Power( this Guy is officially my mentor) and about the Makeup budget, hit me up, we could work out something. Xx


Definitely going to look out for that one. Ooooh Yess…you need to do some of your magic on me😆


Maya am so proud of you,keep it up dear..


Awwwww….mama thank you😊😊 thabjs for reading

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