MOOD: Guys, I am officially an adult!

I bought myself my first high end perfume🤗😂🤗 

Anywho how are you Lovelies doing? The year is almost coming to an end, are you ready?


To Adele’s “21” album on repeat.


On some very tasty pineapple juice, I wonder what else was added into it. However I know I really should be sipping on some green tea.


On a yummy vanilla cream cake and taking off the cream while at it. Who else does this? Am not your typical sweet tooth.


The Money Heist. I really hate the fact that I have to read subtitles but nevertheless this show gets me glued to my tv.


We’re going to need more wine by Gabrielle Union. I know I am late to the party but my reading habits have been slacking lately and I am slowly becoming Team Audio books – who else can relate?


Loads of videos on photography.


My hair in a huge high bun. I really need to run out of my comfort zone guys but the hot weather isn’t doing me any justice.


The good old chilly weather in Kampala, the heat makes me extremely unproductive and uncomfortable.


More travel opportunities into existence, do you believe in the power of the tongue like I do? My recent trip to Mumbai India was extraordinary and educative.


The positive vibes in my life right now. 


Learning more about different mothers and women(some that I thought I knew) in the Mom Talks Series here on the blog. Have you caught up on the three interviews yet? Catch up HERE, HERE  and HERE.


To finally be back home with my Sonshine after 9 days away from him. Ooh how I missed this little man!


That my Sonshine’s appetite is great and for the first time ever he’s enjoying porridge (bushera to be exact)anytime of the day. Any mothers out there who can relate to the frustration of children having very low appetites? This has been my struggle for a while now, so you can imagine my excitement after grandma did her magic while I was away.


With Skin Care lately, I am living for fabulous skin guys.

Looking forward:

To the next Mom’s Tea party which will take place on 13th October 2018. This is an open platform with various women sharing stories and ideas on how to make motherhood easier. Follow BabyMoshe on Instagram for more details.


Quite optimistic about the future. I can’t seem to figure out exactly what is making me feel like this but all I can say is it’s a good feeling. Alhamdulilah!


How fast the year has gone by. I mean my Birthday is in a month, I’ve got mixed feelings this.


About the second edition on the Sip and Shop – with less than two weeks’ planning, I must admit I am super proud of myself and thankful to everyone who supported me that day. Watch the Vlog HERE.


If you are Subscribed to my channel? If you haven’t yet, do so HERE. Thank you😊


That this weaning session goes well. Yes, I was still nursing my one year and eight months old toddler and I feel like it’s time for him to let my bobbies rest (LOL). My recent travels gave me the perfect opportunity, however we are still having some tantrum moments when he realizes my chest is out of bounds.


That patience is a great value that motherhood instills in a person by default. Dealing with a toddler has made me realize that I wasn’t as patient as I thought I was. 


That Allah can bless me with the heart and ability to continuously share and help others. As they say, you haven’t fully lived life until you better someone’s life, such a great feeling. The best things in Life are meant to be shared.


On a statement one of my professors said to me a few weeks ago, “Do good but always have your interests in mind”.  We tend to get lost in caring for others and often forget about what’s good for us.


For the amazing support system in my life, I wonder what I would have done without them. You guys are the icing on the cake, keep being amazing.

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