Don’t look too closely as the stretch marks on the saggy breasts might blind you😜



Bringing a child into this world is something I believe no one can put words to because it’s beyond beautiful, whatever that does to our bodies is a completely different story only the owner of that body can tell. Visible or not, your body changes after child birth and not even going under the knife will make it what it was before it bore a child. If you have complimented me about my body before and I said “Thank you, but You don’t know what’s underneath the clothes”, Forgive me because at that time I could have been having one of my “Body Shock Moments” over the various changes on my body. Talk about the stretch marks, the less firm boobs, the strange looking umbilical cord, the wiggly stomach that makes abs seem like such a far fetched dream (but it’s not), etc. Can any mom or woman relate to this? This can  definitely take a toll on your confidence (maybe I should speak for myself🤭), however it’s up to you to fix that.

Watch my Delivery Story Here and Here.

FASHION. Does the lack of confidence make you less fashionable? Maybe? Maybe Not? Personally, I believe confidence makes everything look Dope. Have your ever been in that “I need to lose weight fast” mood and you see an extremely thick sexy confident lady looking like a million dollars? And for a second you go like I think Thick is perfect for me too.  That was me this a few days ago which got me thinking and here I am writing this post.

Can you be fashion forward with your new body after child birth or unintended changes on your body? ABSOLUTELY. But Only you can make it work.

For mothers the easy part is for one to say “You brought a life into this world, you should love your new body the way it is” and that’s how it’s supposed to be but we need to admit that it’s a journey to get used to your new body not and sometimes it does take a toll on our confidence. Here’s a few tips on how you can gain your confidence after the tremendous body changes of child birth.


The first step to healing is acknowledgement, accept that your body has changed and work with the changes. I am slowly embracing my stretch marks and for someone who had one small line, I must say it’s a process but as you can see I am getting there – I had sworn never to show my cleavage (which is gone now because I stopped breastfeeding 2 weeks ago), but here I am in a camisole with my not so firm stretch marked breasts on display. LOL. 


If you are not happy with your new body, work towards your ideal body and remember you are a great work in progress.


This absolutely dims my spirit and it’s sad that it’s usually us women body shaming other women. Let’s stop this.


If you have gained or lost a few extra pounds, endeavor to wear the clothes That fit your new body just right.


Did your body change after birth? How did you gain your confidence back after that? Be sure to share your  stories and tips as they might come in handy for someone out there. Remember Sharing is Caring❤️

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