My Delivery Story : Part 2

Hey Loves, Hope y’all doing great. Catch the second part of my delivery story now up on my YouTube channel and please be sure to Subscribe HERE! Thanks for stopping by. Stay Fab XOXO MayaBee

Trench Coat Days!

A growing bump comes along with a few or major wardrobe changes for most women if not all of us. The growing bump won’t let you enjoy your all time fave pieces unless you are a fan of stretchy / spandex pieces like myself. I haven’t had to change my wardrobe during the last couple … Continue Reading

Sleeted Bump style

My birthday came with big news for you lovelies and one week of relaxing and pampering for me. I literally wish everyday was my birthday but a girl’s gotta snap back to reality and back to the real world. For majority of us women pregnancy comes along with weight gain which is a struggle  one … Continue Reading

So Bumpy!!

Despite my insane character of procastination, I am 85% of a planner and 15% spontaneous – so i usually think about almost every aspect of my life before i take action, from simple things like an outfit for a 2 months in advance event, what i share on social media, to serious issues like finances, … Continue Reading