Do you ever feel like you are not doing enough? Like you are somewhat lagging behind in life despite all the effort you have put in? Or even feeling like the universe is against you and you are just not putting in a substantial amount of effort however much you try to? I used to have so many of those moments when I sit down, at times cry myself to sleep feeling very unsatisfied with how certain aspects of my life are going. Those days can be extremely exhausting and depressing I wouldn’t wish for anyone to have such moments – especially very often. I must admit still do get those moments once , fortunately they are not as recurrent as they used to be and this is something I got to teach myself.

Unfortunately today could have  been one of those days. But it only lasted a second. Its 7.30 pm on a Monday afternoon and I just woke up from a three hour nap about an hour ago (Yessss…. I took a nap at 3 pm and some of you must be wondering who does that – other people are working and you are taking a nap? For a second I did ask myself the same question and I snapped back to reality and remembered I am not other people and my life is completely different from other people’s lives. Your life is different from mine, you might need 2 hours in a day to be productive while i need 5 and what i consider productive might be rubbish to you – and guess what, that is perfectly fine! I believe the beginning of one’s downfall is the moment she or he starts to compare her/himself with the rest of the world. We are all different and God has a unique plan for each one of us. Just when I am thinking I am not doing enough with my life – work and blog, that maybe my work is not good enough, I get a message or two from someone appreciating what i do and that lifts my mood, that’s when i give myself a pat on the shoulder and say ” see!! you aren’t doing so bad” and I slowly get back to appreciating the very tiny steps that I have taken in my life.

Everybody’s goal is to keep going forward in life and the only way to do that is to understand your life is different from mine, your sister, friend, workmate so NEVER compare your situation to another person’s. Put in the work and Let God. However, you need to appreciate the little milestones that you have hit despite the mountains and hills of setbacks. If it means noting down all the positive things and feelings you are having then so be it but do it, APPRECIATE YOURSELF and others will appreciate you even more. I have learnt to give myself credit even on the smallest more often than rather criticize myself, if it means saving those messages from my lovely readers and supporters I do.

I decided to add a new category “My Thoughts” to the blog when i was doing the remodeling as i felt like i needed to share more than the fun fashion and lifestyle staff with you lovelies and you never know someone might be going through the same situation and this could be helpful. Feel free to send me an email about a situation you are going through if you might think i might be of help or if you feel like we can discuss it on here.


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