Sometimes one just has to jump on the Trends train. As much as I might not be a trend freak most of the time, give me Off Shoulder anything all day, everyday, and I am sold! For some reason I feel like this trend has been low key present since the Marilyn Monroe days and just got re-highlighted last year because I believe these off shoulder pieces are too subtly stylish to be temporarily let go or  forgotten.

 One might think with everyone obsessing with off shoulder clothing, I might let it pass but I must admit I am absolutely obsessed with this off shoulder trend however much it’s all over the place. Ranging from casual to almost formal dresses, jumpsuits and tops, off shoulder pieces are the perfect solution to the hot days we have been having in Kampala. Dress down or up – whatever your mood is, there’s something off shoulder to suit your preference. If you are a nursing mum like myself, these make the job hassle free when the little one needs to feed – another major plus for me (I am sure we all know the struggle that comes with breast feeding when you are not wearing the appropriate top).


  • Invest in a nice fitted strapless bra (if you need one) to comfortably strut in these off-shoulder pieces. It’s always a wise decision to stir away from visible bra straps whilst wearing any off-shoulder clothing.
  • At the rate at which these pieces are trending, try to get yours customized / tailored to fit your own personal style. Try Ankara material like I did for a personalized piece or opt for safe and neutral colors if you are to go for the trending off shoulder clothing, this makes it easy for you to style these pieces and make them look different.

Are you are you obsessed with off-shoulder pieces like myself? How do you rock yours?

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Stay Fab



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