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So last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Paple Rayn second anniversary party at the Madhvani glass hall UMA Lugogo .  I was lucky enough to get a press pass as a blogger so I didn’t get to pay for a ticket (Yaaayy – I told you I like a discount and this was 100% off J)

My evening was off to a frustrating start as my dates didn’t keep time – as usual and the outfit I had planned to wear was lacking the perfect shoes yet I hadn’t thought of a plan B, petty right? But I somehow managed to put something together and “I was feeling myself” 😉 Despite my sister and best friend’s poor time management, we arrived just in time to catch the show.

The hall was breath taking, I was constantly in awe – beautifully lit, well organised, the runway was centred in a way that everybody had a great view. I was in company of my little sister and two friends and we decided to get the second row seats right behind the family of Susanne and Deliah of Paple Rayn and Le Placard.

Right after we took our seats in the hall, we were entertained by a number of artists’ including Rapper Benezeri known for his single, Zuukuka and Sherina of Coca Cola Rated Next It who had me sold with her vocals while Urban TV’s Denzel Mwiyeretsi was the host of the night. Le Placard was the first to show case its collection and the models looked banging – long legs, flat stomachs and beautiful clothes.  The collection was very chic and fashion forward with a mixture of bright colors and some neutrals.

We took a diner break (btw the food and drinks were really free as advertised) and returned to watch Paple Rayn showcase its three different lines. Should I talk about the models again? Naaahh – but I know these gents got all the ladies in the audience screaming. (My snap chat was all models that night)

The event was amazing, everybody did such a great job, and I finally got to meet my fellow bloggers Tracy, Yvvone and Mimi. 

All I can say is am proud of these two ladies – Suesanne and Deliah, you guys are such an inspiration to the youth. Of late I have realized how important it is to do what you love as you will do it with passion and never have to work a day in your life. It’s never too late to chase your dreams Loves.



DSC_2008 (1)

DSC_2106                                              Photo Credit : BigSam Fashion256.com   




Ps: The pictures are all from different photographers (sorry mixed some of them up😣)

Have a great weekend Loves😘



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Wow, you and the ladies looked amazing.


Thanks Shakie😀 had missed you here😏


Banange!!!!! You looked amazing!!!! Amiina looked so so cute!!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!! Nga she has grown banange??? Good job luv keep it up.


Hahahahaha…thanks mama😀 eeeeh yes she’s such a big girl now

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