Happy Sunday Loves,

Hope your weekend is going great.

I guess some of you saw my rant about Kampala Restaurant Week right before it even started, but then who wouldn’t be excited? I mean it’s good food at a good price and a number of restaurants to try. But despite all this excitement it is unfortunate that I hadn’t fed my food desires until this morning.

Guys If I tell you how eager I was for the Prunes “Mimosa Brunch” none of you would understand (I mean I had to cancel a Saturday night out so that I could be up early, for the people that know me well, know that’s a big deal LOL). Oooh  and I had to pick out the outfit😉.

It was a bright sunny morning when my sisters and I walked into Prunes at exactly 10am (I needed to get that free mimosa if you know what am saying,who doesn’t love free staff?). We were welcomed by bottles of Nederbug  Wine for free tasting of your choice, either white or red.

We had a waiter attend to us as soon we set foot in the place, we got seated and got straight to the point (Order, Order, Order!!). The mimosas were served as soon as Tracy, our waitress for the morning took our orders. I must confess, the mimosas look great but I have never really had a taste for champagne so I just had a few sips (I guess  am not that fancy after all).


The ambiance is great with all the natural lighting, and the weather this morning was perfect for brunch outdoors and pictures of course. Did I mention sangria a and wine was on the house too? I could do this everyday.


I had the “Eggs and Three…”(pictured without the salad) with cheddar cheese, onions and sausage toppings for the omlete and I loved it. It looks small but it’s quite filling and with my “Go Mango” smoothie, I was set for the day.

My sisters had the same, the “Cream Chesse and Smoked Salmon…”  (pictured with salad) which I definitely tasted – I do this all the time when I eat out, but am sure some of you guys have my bad habit LOL.


It was such a bright morning full of laughter,love and good food. The service today was top notch, Kudos for that and I hope it stays that way.

And today I finally introduce some of my sisters and partners in crime Tasha (with the black top) and Amiinah (the very colorful one). 



I had been to prunes twice before today and I liked it, but after today’s brunch I Love it. You guys should definitely check it out!

Stay Blessed Loves




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WOW Mimosa is on my to-do list! I will check it out soon.. Lovely stuff and it looks serene, the type that I love.


Am sure you will love it.


It looks exquisite


In justva blink of an eye ure all grown up!!! OMG!!


Loved yr post and yr sisters . Gd job Maya keep posting will be reading.


Thank you mama. Will definitely keep the posts coming


Lol…now a grown lady.😀


Love the pics not sure about the food 🍲 I have to taste to confirm


Thanks Fatuma. Am sure you will love it when you taste it.


This sounds like a great place. We shall follow your heads up visit it and write our own review too. Thanx comrade

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