I usually call myself a hoarder (of clothes and shoes) but lately I am starting to re-think this title because I am ALWAYS clearing out my closet. And when I say ALWAYS I mean I always have a bag full of clothes I don’t wear to give out every other month or two. Meaning, I am constantly buying staff which end up in the “Giveaway bag” and I hold onto the classic timeless pieces that I will wear for years and that’s what is making me reconsider the term hoarder. 

 I have recently decided to ask myself a few questions before I buy a new piece to add to my closet which is working out just fine so far and saving me some cash. I sometimes tend to ignore the wise voices in my head questioning some purchases but it’s all work in progress guys, we shall get there. So before you convince yourself that you really need to buy that pair of shoes or pants, Ask yourself these questions;

Does this Compliment my Style?

If someone asked you to describe your style in two / three words what would you say? Please share in the comment section below. So first step is finding out what your style is and resonate with that. For example if your style sides more with classic (timeless), go slow with the trends.


Does this Compliment my current wardrobe?

Remember you already have a full existing wardrobe at home and this is just another addition.  So ask yourself, how and what would I wear this blouse / skirt / pants with? I ended up doing a little impulse shopping on Sunday and the only way I was able to allow myself to buy that black leather pencil skirt was after I figured out 4 ways I would wear it with the existing pieces in my closet. 

Would my children wear this? 

If I am spending hefty on it, my daughter better be able to wear it 20 years from now.

I believe my mother (May she Rest In Peace) always used to have this at the back of her head when investing in certain pieces. Most of them being over 20 years old now, my sister and I (okay, mostly me) are wearing and holding onto these pieces beautifully (Hoping my future daughter will too). Check out This Post for one of her classic pieces.

Do I really Need or Want it?

People, there is a big difference between the two. You will NEED that black pencil skirt if you don’t have one in your closet because a black pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple, and you will WANT that black pencil skirt when you 2 good quality black pencils skirts laying at the back of your closet but you just feel like a third one. Spot the difference guys.

Do the four Questions apply to the outfit picture?

Blue and white button up dress (ZAFUL) – can be worn as a dress and over leggings. CHECK OUT OUTFIT IDEA HERE

Black Corset Belt (Maya’sGallery) – Black is timeless and this can be paired with so many outfits.

Blue Leggings (Forever 21) – This is one of my weekend uniforms, simply easy to wear.

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